Vineyard Equipment for Sale

Vineyard Equipment for Sale in Northern California

Vineyards require a unique approach to farming equipment. Crop spacing and density make the use of traditional size tractors all but impossible and crop maintenance and harvesting require specialized equipment. To that end, Belkorp Ag sells all sorts of vineyard equipment in Northern California. From specialized narrow tractors to harvesters and mowers specifically designed for the unique confines of a vineyard, we have it all.

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John Deere Narrow Tractors

John Deere produces a range of specialty tractors designed to meet the specific needs of producers and even makes a couple of models designed with vineyards specifically in mind. The 5GV models are designed to work in rows as narrow as 39 inches while maintaining a tight turning radius of 11.9 feet. The John Deere 5GV can be had in both 75 and 90 horsepower configurations, providing plenty of grunt that makes them capable of not only handling chores between the vines but also anywhere else on the farm you might need them. Importantly, these narrow tractors come with a robust hydraulic system that pumps at 25 gallons per minute. This is enough power to run front mount and rear mount implements, improving your efficiency in the field.

If you have a few more inches between rows, you can opt for the John Deere 5GN which is still a narrow model but comes equipped with a cab that’s anything but confining. Featuring all-around visibility, doors on both sides and fully functional climate control, the cab adds a layer of comfort to long days and hard work that will keep you in the field longer.

To better serve vineyards in northern California, Belkorp Ag also offers a number of John Deere narrow tractors for sale via rental returns. These tractors may be used, but that doesn’t mean they’re worn out. Belkorp’s rental returns feature less than 250 operating hours and the highest levels of regular maintenance.

Clemens Vineyard Equipment

In addition to John Deere specialized tractors, Belkorp Ag also carries other lines of specialized vineyard equipment for sale in northern California. Among those is Clemens Vineyard Equipment. Clemens has been making specialized vineyard equipment for generations and produces a number of attachments and implements to make your vineyard management easier. Take, for instance, their line of under-vine attachments. Weeders like their Radius SL compliment other under-vine tools like the rotary brush to provide excellent weed and growth control under your vines. Innovative products like the Vinescout can be attached to tractors with hydraulic steering and provide automatic steering guided by a 3D camera, allowing you to give the attached equipment your full focus.

No matter what vineyard equipment you’re looking for in northern California, Belkorp Ag has it for sale. We know the unique demands of running a vineyard and can help you navigate everything from identifying to purchasing the equipment best suited to your operation. Drop by your northern California Belkorp Ag location today.