Orchard equipment for Sale

Orchard equipment for Sale in Turlock

The very specific demands of orchard farming require specialized equipment beyond what more traditional row crops might typically use. This means not only specialized tractors but also specialized harvesting equipment and even purpose-built cabs. This is why Belkorp Ag keeps a full range of orchard equipment for sale near Turlock. We know that having access to all the equipment you need is an important part of your operation, so come by your Modesto, Merced or Patterson Belkorp Ag location today to see everything we have to offer.

Specialized Tractors

One of the biggest factors in orchard farming is often the low clearance of several types of fruit and nut trees. This means traditional sized tractors struggle to get down orchard rows without damaging the crops. This is the environment that low clearance John Deere tractors thrive in. Based on the versatile 5 Series, these low profile tractors still feature all the power and performance you’d expect but with lower seating profiles and frame heights. Combined with smooth wheel fenders and repositioned controls to keep them away from fragile crops, this makes them ideal for orchard work.

Orchard Cabs

In order to further smooth out the profile of low profile tractors, you can also fit them with purpose-built orchard cabs. These cabs are built for the tough demands of orchard work and often involve guide bars and reinforced window seatings to prevent not just crop damage but damage to the cab and operator that can be caused by stray tree limbs. Most are also fully enclosed and feature rugged filtration systems to keep operators safe during spray applications as well as comfortable by reducing pollen and dust infiltration.

If you’d like to see the full range of orchard equipment that Belkorp Ag carries, swing by our Patterson, Modesto or Merced location today and let our experienced staff show you everything we have to offer for orchard equipment near Turlock.