Up to $13,500 Incentive On Electric UTVs

Up to $13,500 Incentive On Electric UTVs from Belkorp Ag

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From as low as:
$16,000 (Net $4,250)

  • Eight Trojan™ T-105 Batteries generate 48 Volts of power
  • Quiet, zero-emissions operation
  • 800 lb (362.9 kg) cargo box capacity
  • 1500 lb (680 kg) towing capacity

The John Deere GS Electric Gator - A Revolution in Ag & Golf Utility

Belkorp Ag is proud to introduce the John Deere Electric Gator, a big leap forward in agricultural utility vehicles. As the exclusive dealer in the Central Valley of California, we offer something that goes way beyond your average side-by-side. This is a utility vehicle that combines power and sustainability like never before.

Eligibility for the Zero-Emission UTV Voucher Program

The John Deere GS Electric Gator meets all requirements for the voucher program, including zero tailpipe emissions and a minimum towing capacity of 500 lbs. Eligibility includes replacing vehicles with less than 25 horsepower.

Get Started Today with Belkorp Ag in California

Ready to revolutionize your operations with the John Deere GS Electric Gator? Contact your nearest Belkorp Ag now to learn more, get a quote, and we can help you submit your application for the Zero-Emission UTV Voucher Program. As the only dealer in Central California that is authorized to sell this new GS Gator, we’re here to help make your projects greener and more efficient.

The John Deere TS Gator

From as low as:
$16,000 (Net $4,000)

  • Electric motor with on-board charging
  • Quiet, zero-emissions operation
  • External LED battery charge indicator 
  • Large versatile cargo box

The Greenworks U800 Series

From as low as:
$30,000 (Net $16,500)

  • 82V 16kWh max gTRON Drive™
  • Automatic control system adjusts to diverse terrains and slopes
  • Travels up to 75 miles on a single charge (11 hours charge time)
  • Reach an impressive maximum speed of 29 MPH
  • Conquer any terrain or weather conditions with the direct drive system