Manitou Equipment

Manitou Equipment in Northern California

Manitou invented and continues to pioneer the all-terrain forklift. Starting from humble roots in the design and development of construction equipment in post war France, Marcel Braud recognized a need for a motorized forklift that could navigate the rough conditions of a worksite. After a couple redesigns, the all terrain forklift was born in 1958 and could handle loads of 1000 kilos with a reach of just under 3 meters. Fast forward to the current day and Manitou produces a huge range of equipment, from its storied off-road forklifts to teleha...

The modern Manitou forklift line has come a long way from that first design and while technology has certainly improved, the underlying principles never changed. Built a tough, reliable machine that can navigate the worst a job site has to offer while still maintaining control over the load.

That’s exactly what the Manitou forklift provides today. Starting with the smallest of the M line of masted forklifts, the M 30 manages a lift capacity of 6,600 pounds and a reach of slightly more than 12 feet. This smallest model also maintains a ground clearance of 37 cm, leading to excellent maneuverability around the job site. Even at the largest of the M line range, the M 70, this ground clearance isn’t sacrificed too much in the name of larger lifting capacities. These all-terrain forklifts also feature mast shock absorbers, as well as considerable fork inclination, to maintain control of the load while running over uneven and bumpy ground.

In addition to these highly capable masted forklifts, Manitou also makes all terrain truck-mounted forklifts that are perfect for delivering your product the last few yards. These compact and transportable forklifts offer the typical Manitou off-road capabilities as well as a rugged telescopic boom construction. With the ability to unload an entire truck from one side, these truck mounted forklifts can handle product anywhere, regardless of the terrain.

Manitou got its start by designing the first all-terrain forklift and has continued for over fifty years as a leader in the industry. Their combination of rugged simplicity and groundbreaking design makes them the go-to choice for forklifts, regardless of industry. If you’re looking for Manitou equipment in Northern California, come by your local Belkorp Ag today.