Manitou Equipment

Manitou Equipment in California

Manitou is the leading name in all-terrain forklifts and material handling. By pioneering forklifts that could excel in any environment and not just warehouses, Manitou brought efficiency and speed to producers beyond what they were previously capable of. Manitou has continued to stay on the leading edge of the industry by also producing some of the best telehandlers available as well as their storied forklifts. If you’re looking for Manitou Equipment in California, then there’s no better place to look than Belkorp Ag. Drop by today and let us ...


Manitou got their start by pioneering the all-terrain forklift. Recognizing the need for a forklift that could handle loading and unloading on uneven ground and slippery terrain, they built the first all-terrain forklift by attaching a masted fork to the back of an old tractor. From those humble origins, they’ve continued to innovate in the field, which has resulted in the most reliable and steady forklifts on the market today. Features such as inclined masts, low center of gravity, improved ground clearance and independent suspensions make sure that the load stays balanced, no matter what the terrain looks like.


As versatile as forklifts are, they can’t handle everything and there are some loads that require a different approach. This is where telehandlers come in. Smaller and more nimble than a traditional tractor, they’re able to maneuver in tighter spaces that might preclude the use of a tractor. This allows you to improve handling all over your operation, including in low barns and down tight crop rows. And the telescoping handling arm means you can still reach heights that might otherwise be unreachable.

Manitou makes it possible to take your material handling anywhere and confidently move your crops and equipment, no matter how bad the terrain gets. If you’d like to add Manitou Equipment to your operation, drop by any Belkorp Ag location in California and we’ll help you take it to the next level.