Lawn Mowers for Sale

Lawn Mowers for Sale in Stockton, CA

Keeping up a tidy lawn can be a chore for even the most studious homeowners. Luckily, you don’t have to keep lugging that old push mower up and don your lawn. John Deere has a huge selection of riding lawn mowers, with all the power and capacity you need to tackle your lawn mowing chores quickly. Whether you want a traditional riding mower, a fast zero-turn or a fully decked out compact utility tractor, there’s a mowing option that’s perfect for you. Drop by your Stockton Belkorp Ag location today if you’re looking for lawn mowers for sale in S...

Ride-On Mowers

It’s hard to beat the appeal of the traditional ride-on lawnmower. And John Deere has a huge variety of models, across several different lines, to make sure that you can get a riding mower that's perfect for your needs. Starting with the basic E100 line, you’ll find powerful engines and capable mower decks on easy-to-drive machines. If you desire a little more power or comfort options, you can move to the X300 and X500 lines. You’ll find higher top speeds, power steering, 4 wheel steering and higher capacity mower decks in these mowers. If nothing but the very best will do, then the X700 mowers are right up your alley. The most power, the highest capacity decks and the most desired options. It’s all right there in one mower line-up.

Zero-Turn Mowers

If you’ve got a bit more lawn to mow or you just don't want to be spending all day mowing, then the speedy ZTrak zero-turn mowers are the mowers for you. They’re powerful, with top speeds of up to 10 mph in the Z700 line, and they’re nimble enough to get a good close cut around all your landscaping features. If all you want is a solid, fast mower then the Z300 line might be for you. But if you like to get flashy, the Z700 line features a number of commercial quality upgrades, like a sturdier frame and a fully adjustable suspension seat to keep you comfortable. It’s ideal for landowners who need to cover a considerable distance quickly.

Compact Utility Tractors

For those of you with more ambitious lawn and garden plans, you may want to consider the John Deere 1 Series compact utility tractor. It’s only a few inches longer than a traditional ride-on mower, so it’ll still fit in your garage or garden shed. But beyond its considerable mowing capacity, it also has the power, via an independent PTO and powerful hydraulic system, to run a number of implements you’ll find useful. You’ll be able to use a backhoe, front loader, auger, tillers, aerators and a number of other implements to tackle all your biggest dreams.