John Deere Gator for Sale in Sacramento

John Deere Gator for Sale in Sacramento

John Deere Gators span a wide range of functions from tough worksite utility vehicles, to high performance recreation vehicles. The flexibility of the Gator platform allows you to choose from a huge number of configurations to exactly meet your needs. Belkorp Ag carries a full selection of John Deere Gators for sale near Sacramento at their Stockton location.

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Traditional Gators

The Traditional Gator lineup is designed to meet the needs of a worksite utility vehicle. Strong engine performance and a large, versatile cargo box are a part of every Traditional Gator model, giving you the hauling and towing capacity you need for even the toughest jobs. You can get a total payload capacity of up to 1600 pounds on the larger frame Traditional Gators or, if you need a smaller and more nimble vehicle, the mid-sized Gators can still get up to 1000 pound capacities.

Engine options run wide in the traditional gators. Standard gas and diesel engines off top speeds of 20 to 25 mph, while a unique all electric Gator is available and offers a top speed of 15 mph while maintaining a cargo capacity of 900 pounds. This is a perfect option if emissions or noise are an important part of your worksite.

Crossover Gators

While all Gators can handle some rough and tumble terrain, Crossover Gators are specifically designed to bring the utility of the Traditional Gators to job sites that feature lots of off-road or multi terrain use. John Deere offers a huge range of models in the Crossover line, blending performance and utility in a multitude of ways that you select exactly the vehicle you need for the job at hand. With a total payload capacity of up to 1200 in the mid-sized models, to 1500 pounds in the full sized frames, the Crossover gators perform well in any hauling capacity.

The more powerful engines produce top speeds of up to 45 mph in both mid and full sized models. A sportier suspension and off-road capable tires keep the power delivered to the ground under even the sketchiest of conditions. The Crossover Gators are perfect for maximizing your work capacity in any environment.

High Performance Gators

High Performance Gators are built with fun in mind, but they also make plenty of room to get work done too. These sporty vehicles can tackle just about any off-road environment you can find yourself in. They feature 62 hp Italian motorcycle engines and a suspension built with adjustable FOX racing struts. This is enough to propel the High Performance Gators to a top speed of 60 mph while maintaining a 400 pound cargo capacity and total payload of 800 pounds. This means you have all the power you could need and plenty of space to still carry the gear you’ll need along the way.

The High Performance Gator line has a number of features to help you get the most out of them with confidence. A full length underbody skid plate helps protect the important bits from rocks and bumps, while a fully locking 4 wheel drive system gives you the traction to get out of some truly hairy situations. The High Performance Gators really do live up to their name.


If you’re looking for a capable workhorse for the job site, want a recreation vehicle to take advantage of the great outdoors or need something that fits squarely between those, then look for a John Deere Gator. Belkorp Ag keeps a wide selection in stock near Sacramento and our sales staff can help you find the model that fits your needs the best.