John Deere 1025R for Sale

John Deere 1025R for Sale in the Bay Area

John Deere compact tractors are the perfect machines for aspiring homeowners and small producers who need a capable, conveniently-sized tractor to handle large chores around the house. The smallest among these is the 1 Series, which is only slightly larger than a standard ride-on mower. The 1025R is the top of the 1 Series and comes with a number of features that make it an ideal choice. If you’re looking for a John Deere 1025R for sale in the bay area, come by Belkorp Ag today.

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The 1025R features a powerful 25 horsepower engine paired with the smooth and easy-to-operate hydrostatic transmission. The operation of the tractor is managed through a TwinTouch pedal system. This inventive system allows the operator to change direction simply by changing pedals, rather than having to heel-toe or worry about operating a shifting lever. This ease of use allows you to pay closer attention to the work at hand.

The John Deere 1025R also features the Autoconnect drive-over mid-mount mower deck. This automatic system allows you to attach a mower deck simply by driving over it. Just drop the tractor into low gear, engage the four-wheel drive and just drive up and over the deck. Let the automatic system attach the PTO, listen for the audible clicks and lock it in place. Then off you go, all in a matter of minutes without ever even having to leave your seat.

As with any John Deere tractor, the 1025R features a three-point rear hitch. Telescoping draft links and a Quik-Knect PTO make attaching implements a breeze. But if you want to step that ease up a bit, consider the optional iMatch Quick-Hitch system. This automated system does all the heavy lifting for you when attaching compatible implements. All you have to do when it’s done attaching is turn around and lock it in place. You won’t even have to get out of your seat.

The John Deere 1025R is designed to make using a tractor around the house as easy and hassle-free as possible. If you’re in the bay area and are looking for a John Deere 1025R for sale, then drop by Belkorp Ag today and let our sales staff show you around.