Compact Tractors for Sale

Compact Tractors for Sale in Sacramento

Compact tractors are an incredible tool for anyone from homeowners to large agricultural producers. They allow operators to take advantage of all the tools and implements a tractor can run, but in a smaller package that is both easier to maneuver and easier to store. If you're looking for a compact tractor for sale in Sacramento, then drop by Belkorp Ag today and check out our huge variety of John Deere compact tractors.

1 Series Tractors

The smallest of John Deere’s compact tractor offerings is the 1 Series. Only a few inches longer than a standard ride-on mower, they fit neatly in garages and garden sheds. But this compact stature doesn’t mean they’re small in power. With engines up to 25 horsepower, these compact machines can deliver an immense amount of power in tight spaces where you might otherwise have to work with hand tools.

2 Series Tractors

One step up in size and power over the 1 Series, the 2 Series bring professional-level power to compact tractor sizes. Because it’s still a small frame but with engines up to 37 horsepower, these small tractors are perfect for commercial landscapers and even large producers who work with crops that require a smaller tractor, such as nurseries and vineyards.

3 Series Tractors

With the 3 Series, the options really start to take a front seat in John Deere compact tractors. The ability to choose between 3 different trim levels, each with their own unique function in mind, makes the 3 Series one of the most versatile tractor lines on the market. The 3D is built to handle your toughest towing and hauling tasks, the 3E is there for your basic utility tractor needs and the 3R is a fully optioned, highly powerful utility tractor that can handle work anywhere you can take it.

4 Series Tractors

There are no more powerful or well-optioned compact tractors out there than the John Deere 4 Series. Featuring the best in power, comfort and convenience, the 4 Series shines in any application. The introduction of the 4M Heavy Duty even brought the versatility of a class 2 rear hitch to a compact tractor, putting the 4 Series in a league of its own.