Compact Tractors for Sale in Fresno

Compact Tractors for Sale in Fresno

Not every task calls for a full sized tractor and often, you’re going to need to get things done in a space that makes larger tractors just impractical. Navigating around orchard trees and vineyards, or around landscaping features, takes more of a deft touch than full sized tractors can offer. That’s where the John Deere compact tractor lines come in. These smaller tractors are designed to maintain all the functionality and versatility of a full sized tractor in a more nimble package. If you need a compact tractor for sale in Fresno, then Belko...

John Deere 1 Series

The John Deere 1 Series compact tractors are designed with the homeowner in mind. Perfectly sized and suited to park alongside your car in a garage or in a storage shed, these little tractors are still incredibly powerful. You can get a 1 Series in either a 23 or 25 hp version. Both models offer a standard 3 point rear hitch, a Quik Park loader system and an AutoConnect mid mount mower deck. All of these features are designed to make the attachment and operation of implements easy and quick. When outfitted with the optional iMatch system, front, rear and mid mount implements can all be attached within minutes, without tools and often, without even leaving your seat. Opting into the 25 hp 1025R version also opens the door for a number of creature comfort upgrades. Most notably, the 1025R can be outfitted with a fully enclosed cab.

John Deere 2 Series

The John Deere 2 Series brings a little more size, heft and power to the compact tractor offerings. The 2 Series pairs engines of up to 38 hp with a powerful hydrostatic transmission. This combination offers enough power and punch to handle the toughest tasks with ease. The 2 Series is also outfitted with a number of user friendly features, like the eThrottle that automatically adjusts engine speed to the load and power needs of whatever you’re doing. Standard power steering, cruise control and 4-wheel drive. All of which combine to make a powerful but also easy to use machine. The 2 Series can easily and quickly attach any number of implements with the same user friendly attachment systems found on the 1 Series.

John Deere 3 Series

The 3 Series steps up the power and size of John Deere’s compact tractors and also brings an incredible amount of choice and versatility. With 3 different model lines, the 3 Series has a model that fits your needs perfectly. The 3E line is the most economically minded, built to bring you a versatile and powerful tractor without all the hassle of various bells and whistles. If a basic, powerful and straight forward tractor is what you need, the 3E series is it. If you do a bunch of hauling and towing, then the 3D line is built just for you. A strong gear drive transmission and 4409 pound hauling capacity are there to make your tough jobs easier. If nothing but the very best will do, then the 3R is for you. This top-of-the-line tractor has all the power and performance while also offering creature comforts like a fully enclosed, climate controlled cab.


No matter what you need a compact tractor for, John Deere makes one that fits your operation perfectly. From subcompact tractors to take on the toughest of homeowner dreams to the powerful and feature packed compacts that are full sized tractors in all but footprint. Come by your local Belkorp Ag location today and work with our staff to help determine which one of these impressive machines is best for you.