Why Buy John Deere 3D Tractors?


Why Buy John Deere 3D Tractors?

John Deere 3D

John Deere 3D tractors are the first tractors in the 3 Series lineup. They're all work, no frills design makes them the perfect choice for landowners looking for a tractor that can buckle down and get the job done without the added cost of creature features.  Picking out the right tractor for your operation can feel a bit overwhelming, especially with there being so many options to choose from. To help make the process a little easier, we’ve broken down areas in which these tractors excel.

Jobs You Can Do


Turn your gardening dreams into a reality with these John Deere 3D tractors. Fill up the front bucket with compost, hook up to a rotary tiller and begin the process of creating a nutritious food plot. These tractors have a light enough footprint they won’t destroy or rut up the ground around the plot but are sturdy enough to haul loads of dirt.


Built for heavy-duty work, John Deere’s 3D tractor is no slouch when it comes to hauling materials. These are the perfect size machines for hauling gravel and dirt for driveway work. Because these machines are smaller than utility tractors, they are great for hauling landscaping supplies. These tractors are also the perfect helping hands when it comes to pulling trailers loaded with orchard and vineyard supplies.


Part of owning land is maintaining it, and these tractors are made to do just that. What these machines lack in features, they more than make up for in working ability. They are great for clearing brush, whether that’s with a rotary cutter, debris grapple, or a bucket. You can also use them with a grooming mower to give your yard and pasture a manicured finish.

John Deere 3025D


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Buying equipment is about more than just finding the tractor you want for the lowest price, it’s about finding a company you know is trustworthy and honest, it’s about finding a company you know will be there when you need a helping hand. Belkorp Ag is all of that and more for our customers. When you shop at one of our dealerships or online, you become part of our family.  We will be with you every step of the way from making a purchase decision to maintaining your tractor.