Vineyard Equipment for Sale in Stockton, CA


Vineyard Equipment for Sale in Stockton, CA

To keep your fruit growing at its highest potential, it’s vital to use the right equipment. At Belkorp Ag here, we only carry the vineyard equipment that we trust. Between John Deere and other lines like Clemens Vineyard Equipment and Key Dollar Cabs for sale, you’ll find solutions that fit your operation here in Stockton, CA.

John Deere Vineyard Tractors

When it comes to the tight rows of a vineyard, it’s important to make sure you have a tractor that can perform without damaging your fruit. With widths as narrow as 39 inches, the John Deere Narrow Series Tractors are designed to work in tight spaces. Choose from 70, 90, and 100 horsepower engines and take advantage of the 24F/12R PowrReverser transmission.

With excellent fuel efficiency and plenty of torque, these vineyard tractors are able to excel in the vineyard without sacrificing functionality. On our higher-horsepower models, the Intelligent Power Management System provides power for tough PTO and transport applications. You’ll be able to take reliable performance wherever you need to go on the land.

John Deere Specialty Tractor

Vineyard Equipment

Clemens Vineyard Equipment

Clemens Vineyard Equipment has been creating reliable equipment for the fruit and wine growing industry since 1952. With several implements and attachments available, Clemens’ equipment offers the tools needed to successfully and efficiently manage various vineyard needs here in Stockton, CA. Whether you're needing a weeder for careful working in the undervine area, an all-purpose machine for soil cultivation, or you’re interested in learning more about the Vinescout that uses a 3D camera system to automatically steer, you’ll find vineyard equipment that you can trust.

Key Dollar Cab’s Vineyard Cabs

Another way to keep your fruit safe is to prevent limbs from snagging on your tractor. By adding a Key Dollar Cab onto your tractor, you can take a breath as you drive down the narrow rows. Not only are you keeping your fruit safe, you’re also protecting yourself from sharp branches and harmful pesticides. Cabs like the PF9 offer a recirculating A/C and heat so you can keep enjoying what you do at a temperature you don’t have to suffer through.
Key Dollar Cab