Vineyard Equipment for Sale in Patterson, CA


Vineyard Equipment for Sale in Patterson, CA

Here in California, you can’t just rely on the same old farm equipment the other guys are touting. At Belkorp Ag, we understand the need for specialized equipment and tailored service. If you have a vineyard operation, we don’t just want to offer you a good tractor, we want to offer you the best of the best in vineyard equipment. From extra narrow tractors to vineyard-specific harvesters and mowers, we have what you need for your operation in Patterson, California. 


John Deere 5090GV


John Deere Vineyard Tractors

If you have a vineyard, John Deere had you in mind when they designed the 5GV and 5GN tractor models. These specialized machines were made to address the specific needs of vineyard operators. The John Deere 5GV models were uniquely crafted to work in rows as narrow as 39 inches, and they have a tight turning radius of 11.9 feet. These tractors come in both 75- and 90-horsepower options, so you can choose the tractor that makes the most sense for your land. With that kind of power, the 5GV is capable of tackling all your vineyard-related chores plus anything else you might need to do around the farm. With a robust hydraulic system that pumps at 25 gallons per minute, you can use both front and rear implements to boost your productivity when you’re on the job.

If you don’t need a tractor that’s quite so narrow, you might be more interested in the John Deere 5GN models. With widths down to 43 inches, these machines are still narrow enough to venture between the vines, but they also come equipped with a spacious cab that will keep you comfortable while you work. You’ll be able to see all around you from the cab with doors on both sides, fully functional climate control, and a user-friendly control setup.

Other Lines

Here at Belkorp Ag in Patterson, we don’t want to limit you to a single solution or brand. That’s why we carry other lines of equipment to help fill in the gaps, especially when it comes to unique operations like vineyards. One of the lines we carry is Clemens Vineyard Equipment. Clemens makes a variety of attachments and implements you can use to take your vineyard operation to the next level. For generations, they have been making specialized equipment for things like under-vine care, soil cultivation, leaf treatment, cane pulling, and more. They even offer time-saving technology, like the Vinescout control system, that can help you manage your vineyard so you don’t have to split your attention between so many tasks at once.

No matter what you’re growing or how large or small your vineyard is, Belkorp Ag has the equipment you need to elevate your operation. Our experienced staff understands the unique needs of vineyard operators, and we can work with you to find the most fitting solution for you. Stop by Belkorp Ag in Patterson, California today to get started.