Ventrac for Sale

Ventrac for Sale in Santa Rosa

Ventrac tractors are a unique and highly versatile tractor design that excels at ground maintenance over difficult terrain. With over 30 different attachments and a strong, no-nonsense build quality, Ventrac tractors can go anywhere and do anything. If you’re looking to take your ground maintenance game to the next level and would like to buy a Ventrac tractor in Santa Rosa, then come by Belkorp Ag today!

Perhaps the most remarkable and identifiable feature of Ventracs compact tractors is the Ventrac FlexFrame. This center point joint both articulates and oscillates, allowing for unmatched maneuverability. Combined with the standard 4-wheel drive and power steering, this makes the Ventrac an unstoppable tractor across even the wildest terrain. Because it can handle multiple levels of rolling terrain at once, this makes the Ventrac tractor ideal for handling landscaping on a golf course or in a vineyard. It also makes it an outstanding choice for land clearing in uncertain or highly overgrown situations. Because of the FlexFrame design, if you find yourself dipping into an unexpected pothole, you can rest easy knowing your power will still be getting to the ground.

This same innovative approach also makes the Ventrac tractors unmatched in mowing on steep hillsides. With a standard setup, the Ventrac can already handle slopes on a 36% grade. With wheel extensions you can take that to a 47% grade and if you need to take it even further, you can opt for the dual wheels. This remarkable build can handle mowing on slopes up to a 58% grade. Dual wheels also offer a number of other benefits, such as increased traction and thus improved towing and pushing power.

All this is driven by your choice of 4 different engines that provide from 25 to 32.5 horsepower and available options to run diesel or propane. All of these engines drive a front PTO with Ventracs easy and tool-free front mounting system. This allows you to run over 30 of Ventracs various implements and do so without having to have special tools or slog through an overly complicated mounting system. This lets you quickly change between jobs to tackle all aspects of a project with minimal downtime.

If you need a powerful, nimble and versatile compact tractor you have a lot of options. But none are more versatile and capable than a Ventrac, especially if you primarily use your tractor for landscaping and grounds maintenance. Come by your Santa Rosa Belkorp Ag location today and take one for a test drive so you can see just how awesome they truly are.