Ventrac for Sale

Ventrac for Sale in Madera, CA

Ventrac tractors make an incredible tractor designed to be your single tractor solution. Built to handle the craziest terrain and toughest mowing jobs, Ventrac tractors have a number of features that make it uniquely suited to handle the toughest landscaping jobs. If you’re looking for Ventrac for sale in Madera, CA, drop by the nearby Belkorp Ag and let our staff you what these tractors can do.

Perhaps the most remarkable feature of Ventrac compact tractors is the Flex Frame build. Articulating and oscillating, the Flex Frame allows the Ventrac to provide a number of benefits not found on rigid frame tractors. Notably, the flex frame acts almost like a frame-wide independent suspension. Going up and over rough terrain, or navigating hills and dips on a solid frame tractor can often result in wheels losing traction or even losing contact with the ground. This often requires engaging full wheel drives and locking differentials, which can increase damage caused to turf. An articulating frame, however, bends and moves with the terrain, not only increasing traction but also increasing the smoothness of the ride.

Further, the Ventrac tractor is made to steer from this pivot point on the frame, instead of from the wheels. This puts both the front and rear wheels pointing in the same direction, which not only improves steering performance but also reduces damage to the turf. This is essential for sports turf operations where field conditions can be a major factor.

Helping add to Ventracs remarkable terrain performance is the double-wide wheel extensions. The already existing wide stance is made even wider with dual wheels at all corners. This increased stance width provides more stability and balance, as well as a better grip for mowing on slopes. Ventrac tractors equipped with wheel extensions can handle intermittent mowing on slopes as steep as 30 degrees. In addition, more surface area on the ground means a greater distribution of weight and less soil and turf compaction.

Given the unique Flex Frame build and design considerations built for mowing on uneven terrain, Ventrac tractors make excellent choices as do-it-all landscaping tractors. Their specific turf preservation design also makes them ideal for golf courses. If you’d like to test drive a Ventrac tractor or just learn more about how they can fit into your groundskeeping fleet, swing by your Madera, CA area Belkorp Ag store today.