Rental Returns



$26,050 or $350/mo

0% for 60/Mo with 20% Down



$31,630 or $430/mo

0% for 60/Mo with 20% Down



$33,920 or $460/mo

0% for 60/Mo with 20% Down


John Deere 3025D Rental Returns

3025D Rental Return

It’s that time of the year - We are selling our rental fleet. We’ve priced our John Deere 3025D tractors at an unbeatable price. To further sweeten the deal, we’ve thrown in a couple of must-have implements. When you purchase one of these tractors, you aren’t only getting a steal of a deal, you get all the equipment you need bundled up into an irresistible package. It’s such a good deal, it won’t take much to convince your friends that it really was a must-have.

Meet Your 3025D Rental Return Package

Before showing off the tractor and implements that are included in the package, let’s talk about what a rental return is and why you would want to buy one. Our rental returns are tractors and implements from our rental fleet that have been rented out and we are now selling. When you buy a rental return package, you are getting equipment with low hours that has been serviced and maintained by our certified technicians. When these packages go home with you, they are ready to be put to work. Another benefit of buying a rental return package is that if you have questions about what maintenance and service the equipment has needed in the past, we can tell you because we’ve taken care of all of it. 

The Implements

Our return rental packages include a 300E Loader and a box scraper.  The 300E Loader is designed with a curved boom so you have good visibility of your front implements. These loaders also come with quick-change attachments so you can easily switch between loader attachments such as buckets, grapples, and forks. The box scrapers are designed with heavy duty materials and adjustable ripper shanks so you grade and level with confidence and not worry about if it is durable enough for the job.

The Tractor

Used John Deere 3025D


  • Low Hours
  • 4WD Transmission
  • Gear Drive Transmission 8F/8R
  • 24.4 Engine Power
  • 20.7 PTO Power

John Deere 3025D

Used John Deere 3035D


  • Standard 4wd for Maximum Traction
  • Heavy duty drive train with a gear drive transmission 8F/8R
  • On-board diagnostics including Service Advisor

John Deere Loader

300E Loader

Box Scraper

Box Scraper

Don’t Miss Out

Our rental returns are available on a first come, first served basis. Swing by or call Belkorp Ag to put your name down to get a 3025D Rental Return Package. Whether you’re in El Dorado, Fresno, or even Hawaii we would love for you to get your hands on these tractors!

Some restrictions apply, see dealer for details. Offer ends 10/31/2022.