Orchard Tractors in Madera County, CA


Orchard Tractors in Madera County, CA

John Deere Orchard Tractor

If you are looking for orchard tractors in Madera County, California, Belkorp Ag is the dealership for you. We understand how important it is to have the right equipment to get the job done, which is why we carry both low profile and narrow tractors with varying horsepower and hydraulic capacity. If getting your work done quickly and efficiently, while not damaging your crops, is important to you, check out our John Deere specialty tractors.

 Low Profile Series (5ML)

John Deere Low Profile Series

John Deere’s low profile tractors are designed to operate under the low branch cover of orchards. The operator station has a low-profile seat and protected controls to keep the tree branches from hitting you or the control panel. The sloping hood on the front of the tractor provides you with good visibility. The most commonly used controls are located in the control prod on the right-side fender and are within arms reach. The combination of horsepower and torque make the 5ML series tractors great for operating under heavy loads. At Belkorp Ag, we sell John Deere 5100ML and 5115ML tractors.

 Narrow Series (5GV and 5GN)

John Deere Narrow Series

The 5GV series tractors are John Deere’s narrowest specialty tractor and come with widths as small as 39 inches. When choosing one of these tractors you have two horsepower options 75 and 90. If you are wanting a little bit more horsepower and that isn’t as narrow, the 5GN tractors are the ones for you. Both of these series provide you with the power and torque you need to get the job done, while being efficient. The controls are color coded to make operating the tractor easier. These tractors come equipped with an open-center hydraulic system that makes it to where you can operate heavy rear implements and traverse uneven terrain in a stride. At Belkorp Ag we sell the 5075, 5090, 5100 GV and GN tractors.

John Deere Orchard Tractors

Let Belkorp Ag help you make your orchard tractor purchase! We are committed to finding you the tractor that fits your farming needs. Visit us at one of our locations just North of Madera County to claim your orchard tractor.!


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