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Orchard Equipment in Northern California

Whether you're growing almonds, walnuts or other fruit/nuts, you know that there are times when the success or failure of your orchard crop can turn on the smallest of details. So don't gamble on orchard equipment that will let you down when you need it most. Come on in to your friendly Belkorp Ag location and check out our full line of tough, ruggedly-built orchard equipment that will be ready to work when you are. Or you can shop our full lineup of orchard tractors and equipment online right now.

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5115ML LOW-PROFILE UTILITY TRACTOR: When you're working in the orchard with minimal overhead clearance, a low-profile utility tractor that won't let you down is a must. So trust the name that's been a legend in orchard work for well over a century: John Deere, with the John Deere 5115ML Low-Profile Utility Tractor. Designed for low-clearance operations for minimal tree disturbance, the John Deere 5115ML features a low-profile seat, a small-diameter steering wheel, a shielded control pod on the right-hand fender and a rear-mounted, low-profile, foldable rollover protective structure for minimal height without sacrificing safety and comfort. Available fender extensions can also be fitted to minimize crop disturbance. What it lacks in height, the 5115ML more than makes up with power, thanks to the 113.9 horsepower PowerTech engine, mated to the 16F/16R PowrReverser transmission for easy, clutch-free direction changes.

5100ML LOW-PROFILE UTILITY TRACTOR: Need a low-profile orchard tractor that powerful enough for the toughest days while still easy on your bottom line? Then check out the John Deere 5100ML Low-Profile Utility Tractor. Built tough like every John Deere product, the John Deere 5100ML Low-Profile Utility Tractor features a ground-hugging stance, with a sloped hood and sunken operator station to make working under low-hanging branches with minimal fruit disturbance a breeze. Fight the operator fatigue that can rob you of time and money, with features like ergonomic operator controls optimized for easy use, including operator-friendly grouping of the engine throttle control, selective control valve levers, PTO control and hitch lift control levels close at hand. You'll have plenty of power to work with, too, thanks to the John Deere's 5M Final Tier 4 engines, featuring up to a four percent power bulge under load, to help you power through the rough stuff.
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As an orchard owner, you have better things to worry about than whether your tractor will be able to cut the mustard when the chips are down. So take out the guesswork, with orchard equipment from your friendly Belkorp Ag dealership. Stop in today and let us show you our full line of orchard equipment and tractors, or you can shop our lineup online right now.