Orchard Equipment for Sale

Orchard Equipment for Sale in the Central Valley

The unique demands of orchard production require unique equipment. You can’t just go storming down the rows with a massive tractor and a 24-row planter. To that end, a number of companies have developed specialized orchard equipment to meet the requirements of orchard producers. If you’re looking for orchard equipment for sale in the central valley, then swing by your local Belkorp Ag today and check out everything we have to offer.

John Deere Specialized Tractors

One of the foundational pieces of equipment on an orchard is the low-profile tractor. Designed to provide all the pulling power of a tractor, without endangering low hanging crops. The John Deere 5GL and 5ML Series tractors set the benchmark for this style of tractor quite high. With horsepower ranges up to 125 horsepower and transmission choices from the PowrReverser, PowrQuad and Power8 you can choose the model that offers the best mix of power and control for you. This also means you won’t be sacrificing power and work capacity just to get a tractor that fits under your tree branches.

Orchard Cabs

A low profile tractor is just the beginning, however. You’re also going to want to have an orchard specific cab on your tractors. Something from Exact or Key Dollar Cabs will help you keep dust and pollen out of your face, while also providing a smooth surface to gently move branches and fruit out of the way, without snagging on your tractor or damaging your equipment. You’ll also get a more comfortable work environment, with optional climate control in some models, quieter operation and reduced vibration.

Specialty Harvesters

Orchard crops also require specialty harvesting equipment, given the unique nature of having to harvest the crop without killing the plant. Exact almond harvesters are a great example of this. They’re purpose-built to make your harvest quick, while also preventing the notorious dust clouds that come with older and more conventional harvesting systems.

Running an orchard requires a lot of specialty equipment but Belkorp Ag has everything you could need to make your seasons easy and painless. From low profile tractors to highly specialized harvesters, there isn’t anything that we don’t carry. Come by your central valley Belkorp Ag location today!