Orchard Equipment for Sale

Orchard Equipment for Sale in Patterson, California

The equipment needed to efficiently run an orchard can differ significantly from more traditional farming implements. This is why Belkorp Ag specifically stocks orchard equipment for sale in Patterson, California. We know the demands your operation faces, and we have the tools you need to meet those demands. That’s why Belkorp Ag is your number one source for orchard equipment.

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John Deere Low-Profile Tractors

John Deere makes a line of low-profile tractors built specifically to handle low-clearance jobs like those found in orchards. Tractors like the 5075GL sit so low they measure just 4.5 feet at their tallest point. Despite this tiny stature, the 5075GL still packs a punch with a 75 horsepower engine and 61 horsepower PTO. Combined with the 24F/12R PowrReverser transmission, this low-profile tractor provides enough grunt to serve as a standard issue utility tractor around your orchard as well as being a specialized tool to work between the rows.

If you can handle a bit more height but still need something lower than normal, the 5ML models still offer a low-profile while producing an outstanding 100-125 horsepower. These remarkable machines also have powerful hydraulic systems, pumping up to 31 gpm. They come standard with 3 SCVs to make handling multiple implements a breeze and improve your efficiency in the field.

Manitou All-Terrain Forklifts

A forklift is a wonderfully versatile tool anywhere, but especially when hauling heavy loads like bushels of fruit. Manitou pioneered the all-terrain forklift and still continues to lead the industry today. Their all-terrain forklifts feature lift capacities ranging from 6600 pounds all the way up to 15,432 pounds. They feature four-wheel drive and an incredible amount of ground clearance, which makes them capable of handling any off-road task. To further improve their stability, the mast can recline up to 15 degrees and all four wheels have shock absorbers built to handle large loads across uneven and unpredictable terrain.

Orchard Cabs

Having a small, low-profile tractor doesn’t do much good if you have to outfit it with a cab that still sits way too high to safely clear your product. This is where products like Key Dollar Cabs come into play. They design both precision fit cabs designed to fit perfectly on specific tractors, as well as universal cabs to fit over whatever model tractor you might have. The precision fit cabs feature climate control, a charcoal cab filtration system and cab pressurization to keep particles out and your operators comfortable. Most importantly, they maintain the low profile of your specialized tractors, making sure that your equipment still comes in low enough to protect your product.