Orchard Equipment for Sale in California


Orchard Equipment for Sale in California

At Belkorp Ag, we understand the demands that your orchard faces. Tighter rows and varying conditions can significantly vary from traditional workhorses. That’s why we offer specialized equipment that is designed to meet your specific needs.

Boost Your Operation with John Deere Specialty Tractors

With locations throughout Central California, our employees have gained extensive knowledge and direct experience with John Deere’s specialty tractors. With multiple models offered, you can tailor your experience to the operation at hand.

Low Profile for Low Clearance

75 to 123.2 HP

Steer clear of low-hanging fruit and dangling tree limbs without losing heavy-duty capabilities. At 53 inches tall and 53 inches wide, this tractor has no problem taking on the tough demands of orchards. The PowrQuad Transmission offers high hydraulic capacity and excellent maneuverability to clear tight spaces.

John Deere Low Profile Specialty Tractor
John Deere Narrow Specialty Tractor

Narrow Series for Tight Spaces

75 to 100 HP

Take advantage of working widths as narrow as 39 inches and a turning radius of 11.9 feet. The 5G Series delivers excellent fuel-efficiency without sacrificing quality performance. With high torque and extreme lugging ability, you’ll find easy work out of tough jobs. The 24F/12R PowrReverser transmission offers the ability to creep forward and includes a hi-lo and de-clutch button.


Protect Your Harvest and Your Equipment with an Orchard Cab

When you add a cab to your tractor, you automatically lessen the chances of damage to you, your equipment, and your crops. Key Dollar Cab offers orchard cabs that eliminate the need for masks and suits while spraying pesticides, providing more effective protection to the operator. With climate control, a charcoal cab filtration system, and cab pressurization, you’ll find multiple benefits that will keep both your harvest and your operator happy.

Key Dollar Cab

Shop Belkorp Ag for Reliable Orchard Equipment

At Belkorp Ag, we offer the best equipment to keep you and your harvest at the top of the game. If you’re not sure which equipment best suits your operation here in California, give us a call. We’ll be happy to help find the best solution. Our team provides long-term service and reliable parts to keep you running for life. Visit our website for more information.