Mini Excavator for Sale in California


Mini Excavator for Sale in California

John Deere Mini Excavator doing dirt work

What To Consider Before Buying a Mini Excavator

The Specs

When you’re investing in new equipment, it’s important to know what capabilities your operation will require. By doing so, you’ll make sure you’re only spending money on what you plan to use. You’ll also ensure that your new equipment has enough power to bring productivity to the worksite. 

In order to find the mini excavator that can best handle your workload, you’ll need to consider a few different things. Try to determine any attachments you plan to use, the weight of the material you plan to work with, your ability to transport and store your equipment, the conditions of your worksite, and the size of your worksite. By answering these questions, you’ll be able to determine which unit models are better suited to your needs here in California.

Excavator Model   

Net Power   

Operating Weight   

Max Digging Reach 


14.5 hp

3,790 lb

12 ft. 6 in.


20 hp

6,110 lb

15 ft. 2 in.


23 hp

7,220 lb

15 ft. 1 in.


23.3 hp

8,135 lb

17 ft. 1 in.


35.9 hp

10,847 lb

19 ft. 7 in.


53 hp


20 ft. 5 in.

The Price

By purchasing a mini excavator that best fits your operating needs, you can end up with a better return on your investment. But, it’s still important to find a mini excavator for sale that fits into your budget. The good news? At Belkorp Ag, we offer flexible financing options to help make purchases easier for our customers. Learn more about our financing options online and be sure to request a quote on the mini excavators you are looking at.
John Deere 17G Excavator on a trailer

To get even more bang for your buck, you can create your own mini excavator package. Just go to our Build Your Own online program, select one of our John Deere mini excavator models, choose the attachments and financing plan that you’re interested in, and you’ll get an instant quote. By purchasing a bundle instead of each individual piece of equipment, you can get the attachments you want at a fraction of the cost.

The Service

Annual inspections can play a huge role in the wear of your mini excavator. Belkorp Ag’s certified technicians offer proactive maintenance, emergency service, and after-hours help to make sure your compact excavator is accounted for around the clock. You can rest easy knowing you have a dedicated team here in California that is ready to help- no matter the issue.

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