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Manitou is known for building the industry's best rough terrain forklifts. By combining serious off-road capabilities with powerful lift and reach, Manitou has been able to provide a wide selection of forklifts that are perfect for agriculture use. Belkorp Ag carries a number of these amazing machines, so drop by and check them out if you’re looking for a Manitou forklift in Northern California.

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Rugged All Terrain Ability - The Manitou M line of rough terrain forklifts feature a number of elements designed to improve its performance on any type of ground. In addition to the obvious larger, all terrain wheels the M line also features locking differentials that improve traction in slippery or uneven conditions. It features over 17 inches of ground clearance and a wider stance that improves balance and stability. A mast tilt of up to 15 degrees and an oscillating rear axle shore up the forklifts off-road performance when under load.

Performance where it matters - Tough terrain requires a tough engine and the 74 hp, T4 compliant diesel engine carries the M line of forklifts to and from any job, under any load, without worry. All the while, it also manages to reduce fuel consumption by up to 13% over previous models. The M line also provides lifting capacities from 6600 pounds to over 15,000 pounds. While the larger capacities necessarily mean a larger truck, the most powerful of the line still maintain a small, maneuverable profile.

Quality you can count on - The robust nature of the M line forklifts is a direct result of their simple design. With over 50 years of experience building rugged, off-road forklifts, Manitou knows what works and what doesn’t and backs that knowledge with warranty that covers up to 6000 operating hours. Should you choose to do some service yourself, all the necessary service points are accessible through the bonnet at the rear of the truck, making regular maintenance and service checks a breeze.


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Environmentally Friendly - While there is no industry standard on cycle rates measuring fuel consumption and CO2 emission, Manitou has developed an internal tracking protocol. They share this information with anyone, including owners who can track their consumption and emission data from their laptops or ipads. To maintain the highest level of accuracy, Manitou has this information independently verified by a third party and reviews all the data to continually make improvements across their model lines.

Manitou is committed to building the best all terrain forklifts in the industry and measures that success across a wide variety of standards. From lifting capacity to driver comfort to terrain navigation, Manitou puts incredible attention into every detail. That commitment to excellence is why they’ve been able to put out the toughest forklifts for over 50 years. If you’re looking to add these capable machines to your fleet, swing by your north California Belkorp Ag location today.