L341 Large Square Balers for Sale | Belkorp Ag



L341 Large Square Balers for Sale | Belkorp Ag

Belkorp Ag is your go-to John Deere Dealership to find the L341 Large Square Balers for sale. With 7 locations across California, you can find an L341 Baler wherever you might need it.

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The L341 is the premier large square baler. With both the standard 2.2m mega wide pickup and the optional 2.5m wide pickup, you’ll be set for crop pickup even in windy conditions where windrows have been scattered or become uneven. 

Even California’s unpredictable weather is no match for the L341. In combination with the wider pickup window, the L341 comes with a moisture sensor that measures moisture content throughout the baling process, giving the operator increased control and decision-making ability on the fly. To increase the time of your baling window, the L341 also features a preservative application system allowing you to bale at slightly higher moisture levels.


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Even the best-laid plans go awry, though, and with this in mind, the L341 also features the industry-exclusive BalerAssist that gives the operator unparalleled control over the drivetrain. Removing plugs in the pickup or rotor system has never been easier and the BalerAssist system can be operated from either the display in the operator station or from a Bluetooth remote for easier monitoring. 

With all of these exclusive features, it’s no wonder that you’d be looking for L341 large square balers for sale. Belkorp Ag has you sorted. Contact us today and let us set you up with the baler you need.