John Deere Tractors in Solano County, California


John Deere Tractors in Solano County, California

Regardless of the size of your agriculture operation, Belkorp Ag has John Deere tractors to fit your needs and exceed your expectations. We even have tractors for small property owners with just a couple of acres of land. With 7 dealership locations in Central Valley California, we are well equipped to service the agricultural needs of Solano County. With nut orchards, vineyards, vegetable and fruit farms, nurseries, and many other operations, Solano County has diverse agricultural needs that Belkorp Ag is eager to meet.

Belkorp Ag Tractors


Tractors for Agriculture Operations

Every operation has its own unique set of needs and we are confident our team can set you up with the perfect tractor for your operation.

Utility Tractor (5-6 Series)

  • These tractors are a great addition to operations of all sizes. With horsepower ranging from 45-195, they are built to get the job done. The utility tractors are 5 and 6 series machines. They are bigger than the compact utility tractors but not as large as the upper-end row crop tractors and large ag tractors. You could call them the middle grounders.

Utility Tractor

Specialty Tractors (5-6 Series)

  • John Deere has tractors designed specifically for vineyards, orchards, and crops that need tractors with high clearance. The three lineups that classify as specialty tractors are narrow tractors, low-profile tractors, and high crop - high clearance tractors. With these tractors, you don’t have to worry about potentially damaging your crops while tending to them.
Specialty Tractor

Row Crop Tractors (6-8 Series)

  • John Deere’s row crop tractors are available in three different series: 6 series, 7 series, and 8 series. These tractors are great for larger-scale operations that need tractors with strong horsepower and heavy hauling capacity. The smallest of these tractors are the 6145Ms and the largest are the 8RX 410 Four-Track tractors.
Row Crop Tractor

4WD/Track Tractors (9 Series)

  • John Deere 9 series tractors dominate our 4WD/Track Tractors. These beasts are forces to be reckoned with. If you own a large scale farming operation and need a machine that can get some serious work done, these are the tractors for you. Boasting 470-570 engine hp, not much can stand in the way of these machines.
4WD:Track Tractor

Tractors for Small Property Owners

Part of owning land is having the responsibility of maintaining it. With John Deere’s compact utility tractors, maintaining your land can be easy and fun.

Compact Utility Tractors (1-4 Series)

  • These tractors were designed with usability, functionality, and comfort in mind. There are four different series for you to choose from: 1 series, 2 series, 3 series, 4 series. All of these series have the same basic design and authentic John Deere feel. The higher the series number, the more horsepower and the larger the tractor is. Compact utility tractors (CUT) are great for landscaping tasks, fence mending, gardening, and pretty much any other task you can think of.
Compact Utility Tractor

If you are in the market for a tractor, Belkorp Ag is here to serve you. We sell both new and used John Deere tractors in order to be sure we can meet your needs. For more details contact our John Deere experts!


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