John Deere Precision Ag

John Deere Precision Ag in California

Technology can be a powerful force for farming and John Deere is committed to remaining on the cutting edge. By harnessing all the latest developments and turning them into a complete package, John Deere and Belkorp Ag can help you not only increase your yields but save you input and maintenance costs. John Deere Precision Ag in California is changing the industry, and here are just a few ways it’s doing that.

One of the most basic and immediate ways that Precision Ag can help you save money and improve yields is by using positioning technology in conjunction with assisted steering. This is used to prevent overlap in planting, nutrient application and harvesting. With pass accuracy of up to half an inch, you can be assured that you’re not wasting time and resources covering the same ground over and over again. While overlap of a couple of inches may not seem like a big deal- over hundreds or even thousands of acres, this can add up to substantial savings and prevent soil compaction.

But Precision Ag can do more than just make sure you’re steering well. The John Deere Operations Center and JDLink can help you manage and improve your operation in real-time, as well as season to season. The Operations Center allows you to access farm information anywhere and at any time. You can remotely view in-cab displays, contact operators and troubleshoot, all without leaving your office. This gives you unprecedented control over your whole operation while also allowing you to finetune things on a machine by machine level.

Over the season and even year to year, the John Deere Operations Center allows you to instantly share your performance information, like application rates, machine performance, soil data and weather information with your partners instantly. You can make adjustments on the fly with input from your agronomist, troubleshoot machine malfunctions with your John Deere dealer and even plan out next season based on historical data.

The entire Precision Ag system works with and is enhanced by JDLink. This is the network that connects you with your machines out in the field and allows you to monitor and manage their operations. JDLink also allows operators to share information with each other when they’re working together in the field. 5 years of JDLink access comes with your purchase of any Precision Ag equipped machines so you can see how it works over a long time frame and enjoy the instant savings.

John Deere Precision Ag is an invaluable tool for producers and puts John Deere equipment on the cutting edge of agricultural technology. Come by your local Belkorp Ag location today and talk with our Precision Ag specialists to learn how it can save you money and time.