John Deere 5125ML

John Deere 5125ML for Sale in California

When it comes to delivering high performance in low clearance situations, there’s no tractor more suited for the job than the John Deere 5125ML. This low profile powerhouse is built around the rugged John Deere 5 Series platform with a specific eye towards operating around low hanging crops without damaging them or the tractor. Belkorp Ag has a number of new and used John Deere 5125ML tractors for sale in California. Contact us today to take home one of these remarkable machines.

The John Deere 5125ML starts by dropping the seat, using a smaller steering wheel and a low profile ROPS. This significantly shrinks the height of the tractors profile. To accommodate the lower seating position, the hood is further sloped, helping the operator maintain visibility on both sides of the tractor. To further save space, controls are located to the right fender. This places everything within easy reach of a single hand. To protect these controls from your crops, they are protected by a shield placed along the fender.

This reduced profile doesn’t affect performance, however. The John Deere 5125ML still has a strong 123 horsepower engine paired with a PowrQuad transmission. This provides an incredible amount of pulling power. Controls are placed on a single, ergonomically designed lever. The optional declutch lets you change gears within the range with a mere button push with no need to clutch. Beyond being easy to use, the 5125ML is also designed to provide a 4% power bulge to help you pull through the toughest spots of your day.

The John Deere 5125ML also features a 31 gallon per minute hydraulic system with 3 SCVs that allows you to run some of the most demanding implements. For PTO driven attachments, there’s 115 available PTO horsepower, enough to drive a huge selection of heavy duty implements. You can work with confidence knowing that your John Deere 5125ML can deliver the power you need, whatever type of power that might be.

If you need a low profile tractor, the John Deere 5125ML is John Deere’s flagship entry into the class. Featuring the most available horsepower and a slew of other features built to make your day easier, there is no better choice than the 5125ML. Drop by your local Belkorp Ag location and check out our numerous new and used 5125MLs today.