John Deere 5090GV for Sale in Sonoma County, CA


John Deere 5090GV for Sale in Sonoma County, CA

Premium comfort and compact power for vineyard farming

Sonoma County, California, a region made for vineyards. In an area where wine grapes are abundant, the need for well designed tractors is also great. Tending to vineyards calls for something a little bit more refined than full sized utility tractors designed for clearing brush. This is where John Deere’s specialty tractors come into play. John Deere 5090GV tractors are designed to operate in narrow row crop settings. With an operating width of 42.8 inches and a turning radius of 11.9 feet, these tractors are tailored for vineyards. Navigating through vineyard rows without brushing vines is effortless in these tractors.

Buying New

New John Deere 5090GV

John Deere 5090GV

Key Specs:

- 90 hp Engine

- 79 hp Power Take-Off

- 12F/12R and 24F/12R Transmission

- Open Operator Station or Cab

In 2020, John Deere updated the 5G vineyard tractors. They have always been very dependable tractors but the new models are even more optimized. These new models have a rear remote mechanical hitch control instead of a side mounted control. Moving this control protects both your crops and the control from getting damage from scrubbing past each other. A couple comfort enhancements were the park lever being moved closer to the fender so it doesn’t rub against your leg, a thicker and larger seat was added, and the foot throttle was repositioned to make it easier to use.

Buying Used

Used 5090GV Tractor

Used 2017 John Deere 5090GV 

Key Specs:

- Low hours

- 90 Engine Horsepower

- 24F/12R PowrReverser Transmission

- Premium Isolated Open Operator Station

These tractors have been a part of our rental fleet and it’s time for us to put them on the market. When they are in our fleet, we maintain them, do regular services, and do any repairs they need. They are in good operating condition and are vineyard-ready. The 5090GV tractors have low hours and are priced to go. Like any piece of used equipment, once they are gone, they’re gone. But unlike buying any other used tractor, when you buy one of these tractors, you know it has been maintained and is ready to go

Whether you are looking to buy it new or to buy it used, it doesn’t make any difference to us. The main thing we care about is that we are able to help you get the best tractor for your operation. Being productive is a lot easier when you have the right equipment to get the job done. To get a look at these rental return tractors, come by our Santa Rosa dealership! If you are interested in picking out a brand new vineyard tractor, visit or call any of our dealerships!