John Deere 3025E for Sale

John Deere 3025E for Sale in Modesto, CA

John Deere’s 3 Series compact tractors offer landowners and producers a strong, capable tractor. Designed to fit where larger tractors can’t while providing the work capacity to handle the job you need a tractor for, the mighty 3025E is an ideal choice for anyone in Modesto, CA who has a little land to work. If you’re looking for a John Deere 3025E for sale in Modesto, CA then swing by Belkorp Ag today!

It all starts with a 25 horsepower engine that provides 19 PTO horsepower at a rated speed of just 2400 rpm. This will provide you with all the grunt you need to handle a huge variety of tasks that require towing, hauling and PTO-driven implements. And driving the tractor while you do all this is made easy through the innovative TwinTouch Pedal system, thanks to the hydrostatic transmission. The appeal of this setup is that you no longer have to worry about shifting the tractor or working a clutch in order to change directions. You just press the forward pedal or the reverse pedal depending on what direction you want to travel.

For all those implements that aren't driven by the PTO, the John Deere 3023E has a robust hydraulic system. The total capacity is 9.3 GPM, with 4 of that dedicated to the steering pump. This means you can do all sorts of heavy lifting and never have to worry about your power steering suffering or fading under heavy load. To harness this hydraulic power, the 3025E can be outfitted with additional SCV outlets, making it easier to attach and manage all kinds of implements.

When it comes to actually working in the 3025E, you’ll appreciate the wide, open operator’s station with intuitively laid out controls to make operation easy and comfortable. The standard 4 wheel drive and power steering make getting around and traversing unstable terrain a breeze. And when the going does get rough, you’ll appreciate the thickly padded seat that keeps you comfortable for the long haul.

No matter what you find yourself needing a small frame tractor for, the John Deere 3025E sets the standard high for compact tractors everywhere. They are easy to use, easy to afford and powerful assets on any farm or homestead. Swing by your Modesto, CA Belkorp Ag location today to take one for a test drive.