EXACT tractor cabs in California


EXACT tractor cabs in California

Running an orchard often requires highly specialized equipment. Because of the unique demands of the crop, standard farming machinery is often impractical or outright impossible to use. That's where low profile and narrow tractors come in, but standard cabs either don’t fit or are so large they defeat the purpose. EXACT cabs recognized the need for special cabs to go on specialized tractors, and so engineered a series of custom cabs to fit various John Deere tractors. If you’re looking for EXACT tractor cabs in California, there’s no better place to get them than your local Belkorp Ag location.

EXACT got its start in the farming business over three generations ago as an almond harvesting company. As the business grew, they moved into harvest management and eventually into the manufacture of orchard harvesting equipment. Recognizing the incredible demand for a company with the innovation and ability to keep up with the rapidly changing industry, EXACT quickly became the go-to source for all specialized orchard harvesting equipment.

This is nowhere more evident than in their low profile tractor cabs designed to fit on low profile and narrow John Deere tractors. These ROPS certified cabs come with a number of features specifically designed to meet the demands of orchard farming. 

The first thing most operators will notice is that, despite the increased hood height on the tractors to accommodate the new T4 engine, the EXACT orchid cabs have retained full visibility, so you can still see what you’re doing. You’ll also get half-inch thick windows in an extruded aluminum frame. This allows windows to be mounted with no exposed rubber seal that can snag on limbs. EXACT is so sure of their windows, they come with their own 5-year warranty. The rear windows can even be opened to provide implement access. You’ll get charcoal filtration and a pressurized cab to not just improve comfort but also keep out dust, pollen and any other contaminants or bothersome particles. 

Because every EXACT cab is installed in-house, you can also rest easy that you’ll be getting the highest standard in quality not just in construction but installation and after-the-sale customer service.

If you’d like to buy EXACT tractor cabs in California, then swing by your local Belkorp Ag location today!