Exact Orchard Harvest Equipment in California


Exact Orchard Harvest Equipment in California

At Belkorp Ag in California, we not only sell John Deere equipment, we also sell Exact orchard harvesting equipment. When selecting which equipment to carry, we only choose the best of the best. Exact sets the bar high when it comes to orchard harvesting equipment. Whether you are looking for harvesters, sweepers, conditioners, cab, carts, or spray we have them all. We have new models available!


Exact Harvester

Almond harvesting is often a dusty process but it does not have to be. Exact harvesters were designed to minimize dust dispersion. It may sound impossible but you can walk beside the Exact harvesters while they are operating and not have to worry about choking on dust. This is possible because a small amount of water is sprayed into the air, making the dust particles attach to the thin rotating tines as they pass through the discharge air. The dust then falls to the ground. Choose from the E-3500, E-3850, or the new E-7000.


Exact Sweeper

The Exact E-1160 Sweeper gets the sweeping done faster and with less dust than many of the other harvesting sweepers. This sweeper is equipped with a FT4 John Deere PowerTech 4.5L engine. From within the comfort of the air conditioned cab, you will have high visibility and be able to easily access user controls. When equipped with the optional closing arm, you can adjust the sweeping arm according to the width of the rows.


Exact Conditioner

Tired of playing the waiting game to get your almonds to dry after you shake them from the trees? The Exact conditions are here to help. The E-250 and the New E-380 E-Z Prep Conditioners remove leaves, dirt, and debris from the windrows to decrease drying time. After passing through the conditioner, the nuts are then evenly distributed back on the ground. Any sticks that go through the conditioner are collected, and can be left at the edge of the orchard. The easier it is for the nuts to dry, the less likely they are to spoil and the quicker you can get back to watering your trees.

Orchard Cabs

Orchard Cabs

As the maker of the most popular orchard cabs, Exact makes a cab you won’t want to pass up. They have orchard cabs to fit all of John Deere’s orchard tractors. The cabs protect you from limbs while not damaging any low hanging fruit. While inside the cab you will have great visibility. The windows on the cabs are made from ½ inch thick glass to ensure the branches don’t damage the window. All of the Exact cabs are pressurized, heated, and air conditioned.


Exact Carts

When creating the New E-770 Reservoir Cart, Exact pulled out all the bells and whistles. This cart has a capacity of 350 cubic feet and is heavy duty to withstand years of labor. The cart boosts 46” chains for quickly unloading the crop. When buying your reservoir cart, you have the option of getting a cart with a steerable axle that makes it easy for the cart to follow in the path of the harvester. To sweeten the deal even more, Exact gives you the option of installing a rear camera.

Come by your Belkorp Dealership in California to get set up with your Exact Orchard Harvest Equipment! We value your business and are dedicated to providing you with the services and equipment you need to operate.

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