What are the differences between the John Deere 4M and the 4R Tractors?

If you are comparing the John Deere 4M and the 4R tractors, one thing is certain, you are looking for a machine that can handle heavy duty tasks and is equipped for farming. Both of these compact tractors are designed to provide you with ample power and durability.

When you buy your tractor, we want you to be confident that you made the best choice for your operation. Below is a comparison guide that lays out what the specs and possible features are for both the John Deere 4M and John Deere 4R tractors.

Specs4M Series4R Series
Horsepower43.1 - 65.9 HP43.1 - 65.9 HP
PTO Horsepower32.3 - 54.2 HP32.3 - 54.2 HP
TransmissionPowrReverserTM or e-HydroPowrReverserTM or e-Hydro
2WD or 4WD4WD4WD
3-Point HitchCategory 1Category 1
iMatch Quick-Hitch Compatibility
Wet Disk Brakes
Differential lock
Cruise ControlOption
Cab Option 
Hitch Assist 

What do the 4M and 4R tractors have in common?

The John Deere 4M and 4R series tractors have a lot in common, especially when comparing the specs. The 4M and 4R tractors are four-wheel drive, have the same horsepower spread, transmission options, and have the same category 3-point hitch. Other features they have in common include:

  • iMatch Quick-Hitch Compatibility

Both the 4M and 4R series tractors are iMatch Quick-Hitch Compatible. With John Deere’s iMatch Quick-Hitch, hooking up rear implements is quick and easy. No more fighting for an hour to perfectly line the tractor up only to find you are still a quarter of an inch too far to the right.

  • Wet Disk Brakes

John Deere’s wet disk-brakes are oil cool, which means you don’t have to worry about them wearing out or over using them. Use them as much or as little as you need to.

  • Differential Lock

Because the John Deere 4 Series Tractors are all equipped with a differential lock system, you don’t have to worry about slipping when you're in a slick spot. All you have to do is step in on the differential lock foot pedal to engage the lock.

How are the 4M and 4R tractors different?

  • Cruise Control and Speed Match

While cruise control is optional on the 4M tractors, it comes standard on the 4R tractors. Having cruise control means no ankle cramps from trying to hold your speed steady with your foot and it lets you focus on other more demanding tasks. In conjunction with the cruise control option, the 4M series tractors have a SpeedMatchTM option. This option allows you to set a max speed when performing tasks such as rototilling and spraying. 

  • Cab Option

While both the 4M and 4R tractors are available with open stations, only the 4R tractors have the option of being equipped with a cab. Having a cab provides you with many benefits such as being able to comfortably work in all weather conditions and protection from outside pests.

  • Hitch Assist

Ever thought you have the tractor lined up perfectly to connect a rear implements only to find that you were slightly too far forward or back? With the Hitch Assist system on the 4R tractors, you can use controls on the left rear fender to creep the tractor forward or backwards to get the tractor perfectly lined up to connect to the implement. Once everything is just right, you can use the knob on the left rear fender to raise the lower links until the implement is hooked up.

Which tractor is the best fit for you?

While deciding if the John Deere 4M or 4R tractors are the right fit for you, you can be confident that whichever one you choose, you will be getting a high quality machine that is built to last. The 4M tractors are the more economical and affordable tractors while the 4R tractors are more feature loaded and designed to provide you with all of the conveniences you could want. Both of these lineups provide you with dependable tractors that are ready to put to work.