4044M/4044R VS 5045E

Comparing the John Deere 4044M/4044R vs 5045E

What are the differences between the John Deere 4044M/4044R and the 5045E Tractors?

As you shift away from small compact tractors to the larger end of compact and into utility tractors, the comparison becomes less about which tasks each tractor can handle and more about the scale of the tasks you’ll be doing. For the most part, the 4044M/4044R and the 5045E can take on the same types of jobs but the 5045E is better suited for tasks that will need a bit more power and brute strength. 

When you’re investing in a tractor, you want to make sure that you are getting the best tractor for your needs. Below, we’ve laid out the key specs for these tractors as well as similarities and notable differences to help you make a well-informed decision.





43.1 HP

50 HP

PTO Horsepower

32.3 HP

37 HP


PowrReverserTM or e-Hydro

9F/3R SyncShuttle

2WD or 4WD


2WD Std., Optional 4WD

3-Point Hitch

Category 1

Category 2; Convertible to 1




Power Steering

Cab Option

Differential lock

Cruise Control

Optional w/ eHydro


On-the-Go Shifting

What do the 4044M/4044R and 5045E tractors have in common?

  • Four Wheel Drive Capable

Both of the 4044 tractors and the 5045E tractor are 4WD capable. The 4044M and 4044R come standard 4WD and the 5045E is available in both a 2WD and 4WD. Thanks to this, both sets of tractors can take on hilly and muddy conditions with ease. Having 4WD not only allows these tractors to work in more diverse terrains, but it also makes your job easier. 

  • Power Steering

Gone are the days of having to work to get your tractor to turn, at least with these tractors. Thanks to the power steering, these tractors are as easy to turn as an automobile.

  • Differential Lock

All three of these John Deere tractors are set up with differential locking systems. Thanks to this system, you no longer have to worry about coming across a slick spot and not being able to get through. Simply press down on the differential lock pedal and the lock will engage.

How are the 4044M/4044R and 5045E tractors different?

  • Engine & PTO Power

The John Deere 5043E engine puts out approximately 7 HP more than the 4044 tractors and has about 5 HP more at the PTO. This extra power could come in handy when you are putting a heavy load on the tractor, such as clearing thick overgrowth or tilling.

  • Cab Option

While the 4044M/4044R and 5045E tractors are available with an open operator's station, only the 4044R tractors can be equipped with a cab. Cabs provide you with a comfortable and spacious environment to work year-round regardless of weather or air conditions. With the 4044R, you can sit back, relax, and enjoy a workday filled with AC (or heat) and good music.

  • Transmissions

  • eHydrostatic

Available on the 4044M and 4044R, the eHydro transmission requires no clutching. Your direction and speed are controlled by directional pedals. If you want to go faster, press the pedal down further and if you want to slow down, ease up on the pedal.

  • PowrReverserTM

John Deere’s PowrReverser transmission, available on the 4044M and 4044R, is an advanced more refined form of a gear drive transmission. This transmission lets you easily shift between forward and reverse gears without clutching.

  • 9F/3R SyncShuttle

Available on the 5045E, the SyncShuttle transmission has nine forward speeds and three reverse speeds. Best of all, it has in-line synchronized shuttle shifting for on-the-go shifting. This allows you to easily switch from forward gears to reverse gears without having to completely stop the tractor.

  • Lift Capacity

Another notable difference between the 4044M, 4044R, and 5045E is the lift capacity. The 400E loader on a 4044M has a 2,396 lb lift capacity. The 440R loader on a 4044R has a lift capacity of 2,539 lb. The 520M loader on a 5045E has 3,671 lb lift capacity. The loader lift capacity is important to take into consideration if you will be using your tractor for loader work.

Which tractor is the best fit for you?

Our team at Belkorp Ag is here to help you pick out which tractor is best suited to your needs. Choosing between similar tractors can be a bit overwhelming, especially if you are worried about making the wrong decision. Lucky for you, all three of the tractors we compared are capable of heavy-duty jobs and are designed to optimize your operating experience while providing you with a machine that is built to last.