Z370R 42 In.  

Price: $6,099

Z370R 48 In.

Price: $6,550

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Kick the Can!! Get rid of the messy gas cans!

With simple charging and John Deere’s smart battery, all you need to do is plug the mower into a normal outlet with a standard extension cord.

What Maintenance?! Without a gas engine, there’s no oil & filter to change, no belts to wear out, no fuel or air filters to replace, and no need to worry about stale gasoline ruining your carburetor! Just replace the blades when they require it and you’re good to mow!

Built for the Outdoors! The Z370R Electric ZTrak™ is designed to withstand dust and water so you can confidently weather the conditions, wash the mower with a water hose, and even store the mower outdoors.

Peace of Mind! John Deere’s sealed battery comes with a 5 Year or 200 Hour warranty that can be upgraded to a 10 Year or 400 Hour warranty for only $100 (residential use only) to give you confidence that your mower will last!