Compact Tractors for Sale in Stockton, CA


Compact Tractors for Sale in Stockton, CA

Yardwork, landscaping, and small farms all have one need in common: quality equipment. But not just any equipment. Your chores need a compact tractor that is ready to pitch in at a moment’s notice. With a wide range of features and horsepower across all four series, you’ll only spend money on what you’ll need. If you’re looking for a compact tractor for sale in Stockton, CA, Belkorp Ag is ready to help you find the perfect match.
John Deere Compact Tractors

Why Buy a John Deere Compact Tractor?

  1. Reliable Performance. When you invest in a compact tractor, it’s important to find one that won’t give out on you during operation. From easy-to-use, quality transmissions to engines with powerful levels of torque under the hood, you’ll be able to put your trust into your John Deere tractor. 

  1. Comfortable Operation. Your tractor’s performance is only as good as your focus. That’s why the John Deere operator station provides comfort that keeps you alert and in control. Each feature like the automatic engine shut-off and the folding ROPS enhance safety while seat-suspension and tilt-steering enhance your comfort during operation.

  1. Versatile Attachments. Compact tractors offer benefits for homeowners, gardeners, landscapers, producers, and farmers alike. From land upgrades to managing farm operations, our John Deere compact tractors make it easy to swap from job to job. Features like the iMatch Quick-Hitch and Front Quick-Tatch reduce the time and effort needed to swap out rear and front implements.

  2. Flexible Options. Looking for an affordable yet versatile solution to mowing 1 acre of land? Check out the 1 Series. Or maybe you are needing something powerful like the 3D Series to haul around heavy crops. Each Series and each tractor model has its own advantages to offer. To find your fit, consider the horsepower, the features, and the available implements.

John Deere 4 Series Compact Tractor

1 Series

2 Series

3 Series

4 Series

Good for...

Yardwork, Gardening

Yardwork, Farming, Landscaping

Land Management, Landscaping, Farming, Hauling

Land Management, Farming, Hauling, Livestock Management


21.5 to 23.9 hp

24.2 to 36.7 hp

24.7 to 25.3 hp

43.1 to 65.9 hp

Loader Lift Capacity     

754 lbs

1,120 lbs

1,122 lbs

2,222 lbs


Hydrostatic - 2 Range     


Hydrostatic - 2 Range     

Gear - 8F/8R

Hydrostatic - 2 Range

Hydrostatic - 3 Range

PowrReverser - 12F/12R     

Hydrostatic - 3F/3R

Hydrostatic - 3 Range

PowrReverser - 12F/12R      

3 PT Hitch

Category 1

Category 1

Category 1

Category 1

Category 2



Why Buy From Belkorp Ag?

At Belkorp Ag here in Stockton, CA, we make sure to offer something for everyone. That’s why our compact tractors cover a wide range of applications, conditions, and budgets. If you need help choosing the right tractor, give our experts a call and we will be happy to help.