Compact Tractors for Sale in San Jose, CA


Compact Tractors for Sale in San Jose, CA


Whether you have 1 acre or 30 acres of land, having a compact utility tractor will make managing your land easier and less of a chore. John Deere’s compact utility tractors (CUTs) were designed around the needs of homeowners and small farm owners. Imagine having a machine that not only can mow your lawn but also put in fence posts and haul heavy materials. That machine you’re imagining is brought to life in John Deere’s CUTs. At our Belkorp Ag dealerships near San Jose, California, we sell all four series of compact utility tractors.

Homeowners with just a few acres of land, the one series tractors were made for you. These tractors are the smallest in John Deere’s compact utility tractor line up. They are great for mowing your lawn, tilling your garden, and doing other landscaping work. The 1 series tractors are good tractors for first-time tractor owners because they are simple and easy to operate. There are two tractors in this series, the 1023E and the 1025R.


The two series tractors are very similar to the 1 series tractors but they are slightly larger and have more power. These machines are great for mowing, digging, landscaping, and leveling driveways.  The 2 series tractors are designed to be stable on uneven terrain, easy to service, and a dream to operate. They are equipped with premium seats, a sloping hood, and lights to help you be more productive. There are three tractors in this series: 2025R, 2032R, 2038R.



John Deere’s 3 series tractors are made for getting into the nitty-gritty work. There are three line-ups in the 3 series: 3D, 3E, and 3R. These tractors have up to 4409 lb hauling capacity, making them ideal for heavy-duty jobs. The operating stations on these tractors are wide, comfortable, and easy to navigate. If hauling wood, pulling wagons, and leveling land are on your to-do list, the 3 series tractors are the machines for you.


Looking for a tractor that is the perfect combination of power and compact size? John Deere’s 4 series tractors are the machines for you. They are the largest compact utility tractors John Deere builds. They boast between 44 and 66 hp. These tractors bridge the gap between compact utility tractors and farm size utility tractors. With these tractors you can tackle anything from mowing your lawn, to clearing brush, putting in a fence line, hauling dirt and gravel, and putting out feed.



If you are ready to get set up with your very own compact utility tractor you can use our Build Your Own tool to set up your own tractor package, contact our sales team, or swing by your local Belkorp Ag dealership. Our teams are devoted to meeting your tractor needs.


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