Compact Tractors for Sale in Patterson, CA


Compact Tractors for Sale in Patterson, CA


Compact Tractor

Is a Compact Tractor Right For You?

Compact tractors have grown increasingly popular in Patterson, CA due to their unique sizes and lower price points. With the ability to maneuver in tight spaces and under low ceilings, compact tractors are great for operators that need to get around barns, in and out of sheds, and around landscapes. With various horsepower options and capabilities, compact tractors can typically handle a wide variety of chores. Let’s take a closer look at the John Deere compact tractor’s different specs.

Compact Tractor Series

Engine Horsepower

PTO Horsepower

Transmission Options

Standard Cab Options

1 Series Tractors

21.5 to 23.9 hp

15.3 to 18 hp

Hydrostatic - 2 Range

Open and Cab

2 Series Tractors

24.2 to 36.7 hp

18 to 30.4 hp

Hydrostatic - 2 Range


3 Series Tractors

24.7 to 25.3 hp

20 to 36.6 hp

Gear - 8F/8R
Hydrostatic - 2 Range
Hydrostatic - 3 Range
PowrReverser - 12F/12R

Open and Cab

4 Series Tractors

43.1 to 65.9 hp

36.6 to 57 hp

Hydrostatic - 3F/3R
Hydrostatic - 3 Range
PowrReverser - 12F/12R

Cab and Open


Compact Tractor doing dirt work

For Landscaping, Farming, and DIYing

With different capabilities offered, you’ll find our compact tractors to be capable of taking on a variety of different chores. These varying levels of capabilities help make sure you are only paying for the power you intend to use. When you are shopping for a compact tractor, be sure to consider the implements and attachments you plan to use, the size and conditions of acreage that you’ll plan to work in, and the jobs you plan to take on. 

Because of their intended design, John Deere compact tractors offer premium levels of comfort that can be hard to find in competitive brands. Thick, adjustable seats, easy-to-use controls, and user-oriented features work to boost productivity and increase the operator’s experience. Your tractor is built to work hard so you can work smart.