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Meet the Precision Team

Meet the Precision Team

Our team of experts can work with you to cut through the jargon and match the profitable technology to your application. Farmers today are consistently surrounded by ads insisting that new technology will help their farming operations. However, deciding whether a product is actually beneficial or just new "tech" becomes overwhelming without field- proven results. John Deere's Precision Ag technology has reliability, ease of use and remote support built in so you can focus on farming.

We understand technology, we can show you the benefits and we back up your investment with infield support and service.At Belkorp Ag, we have always recognized the importance of technology and are 100% committed to proving the benefits it holds. We back up your investment with support and service, ensuring you obtain the most from our products.

Great Products and a Certified Team of Experts: Well Trained – Field Proven – Ready to put technology to work in your application and back it up with service and support for years to come. The quality of our John Deere Precision Ag products are unmatched in maximizing productivity and potential for success.

Water Management - Field Connect

Adding data to traditional farming practices removes the guess work with an easy to use graphs and alerts sent to your cell phone. John Deere’s Field Connect gives you critical information specific to your field, to fine tune watering schedules or perfectly induce stress at the right cycle. Not only can Field Connect help conserve water but can also reduce other field inputs like fertilizer by making sure water soluble products are not flushed past the root zone by utilizing multiple sensors in the probe.

The data from the Field Connect continues beyond the Soil Moisture Probe, John Deere partnering with environmental sensor providers to bring a pyranometer to measure evaporation, a leaf wetness sensor to monitor mildew, weather stations and temperature sensors for air, soil and, water to record growing days and monitor hibernation and many more sensors specific to your crop.

Whether you have a seasonal row crop or a more permanent crop John Deere’s Field Connect is a proven product with the support with Belkorp Ag’s you will have a reliable sensor that you can use to make decisions on year after year.

Reduce Input Costs - Section Control & Rate Control

Spraying, planting and fertilizing can be the most stressful jobs in the machine. A slip of the hand or misjudgment could be giving you problems for the rest of the crop’s life. With John Deere’s Section Control you can set your borders and forget worrying about double coverage, missed areas, overspray and paper logs.

Rate Control and Section Control can be adapted to work with most planters, sprayers and, nutrient applicators. By utilizing both you can match your rates and coverage to your speed and GPS location in the field. With easy to use software on you can vary the rate depending on the area of the field, depending on how much is needed with differing soil types, headlands, etc. 

Reduce Stress and increase field quality with Rate Control and Section Control with a reliable and easy to use system backed by Belkorp Ag’s support team.

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