History of Belkorp Ag

California’s trusted equipment dealer since 2011, with a legacy spanning 8 decades as a member of the family-owned firm, Belkorp.

Belkorp Ag was established in 2011 to acquire the John Deere dealership in Modesto, California. At that time, the John Deere dealerships in the state were individually owned and operated, working independently from one another. In order to streamline and perfect business operations, it was preferable to have one reputable, larger company take ownership of several dealerships. Our parent company, Belkorp, was an ideal candidate given its long-standing success as a family-founded investment company. And so, Belkorp Ag was formed.

Over the years, our expertise, leadership, and dedication to our customers has awarded us great success and we’ve expanded to 7 locations across California. Passionate about creating outstanding customer experiences and as a leader in AG technology, today Belkorp Ag is recognized as California’s premier equipment dealer, providing solutions and service for today’s farmer.

Our legacy spans 8 decades as an entity of Belkorp; a multi-generation family-owned investment firm whose origins date back to the late 1940s. Guided by an experienced leadership team with over a century of combined experience, Belkorp has a proven track record of investment and operational excellence in both the United States and Canada.