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When looking to purchase a tractor, the options can be a little overwhelming. Each tractor is slightly different from model to model. There are different styles and names like M series and R series. Let’s discuss these differences to help you decide what tractor will help make your work life easier. 

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Understanding John Deere’s Numbering Scheme

First, let’s understand how John Deere uses a consistent numbering system to identify their tractors. The first number is the tractor series or size, the next three numbers are the engine horsepower, and the letter is the feature level of the tractor. The letters at the end of each model number go in alphabetical order (E, M and R), meaning that if the model letter is higher in the alphabet, it has more advanced capabilities. If the model letter is lower, it is more basic in its capabilities. For example, if you’re looking at a 5075M, the first number (5) stands for its size, which would be a smaller utility tractor. Then the three following digits (075) are engine power, so 75 hp. Lastly, the letter M would mean it has a medium feature level. Not as basic as an E, but not quite as advanced as an R. 

M vs. R Series: The Breakdown

John Deere has several different families of R tractors ranging from small compact 1R tractors to massive 9R track tractors. However, the 4 Series and the 6 Series are the only two families that have both M and R options. Below we take a look at some key differences in the 4M and 4R series. 

4M vs. 4R

These small compact tractors are ideal for the landscaper, farmer, or stable hand. The 4M Series comes with a 44 to 66 hp turbo-charged diesel engine, an open cab station and a 3-point hitch. The more luxurious 4R Series comes with the choice of an open station or closed cab with temperature control, a 44 to 66 hp engine and premium features such as hitch assist, aux hitch control, and HST control.

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Making Your Choice

What it all boils down to when choosing between your M or R series tractor is price point and luxury of extra features. If you are someone who spends hours a day on your tractor and does heavy-hitting work, then the upgrade to the R series will make a world of difference in the quality of your workday. If you need a tractor for your more basic needs but still want the quality equipment John Deere has to offer, then consider the “budget-friendly” but still capable M Series. The M series is ideal for the no-nonsense hard worker that wants to get the job done without all of the extra bells and whistles. Either way, you are getting a reliable machine built to last.

Still not sure where to start? Our professionals at Belkorp Ag do. We can help you select the tractor that will best suit your needs and your budget. Do not hesitate to give us a call or stop by your nearest Belkorp location and talk to an expert in person. We would love to help you work smarter and harder. 

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