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Operating your front-end loader just got easier. That’s what we all want, right? Equipment that works smarter, so you don’t have to work harder. That is what a self-leveling loader is. Whether you are using pallet forks or doing bucket work, this loader style makes operating your equipment feel like a luxury. 

It’s That Easy

At Belkorp Ag, we like to do more than just talk about how good our products are, we want to show you. Check out this short clip of our experienced tractor operator, Ryan, comparing a self-leveling loader to a non-self-leveling loader to show the differences between the two.



How It Works

Self-leveling loaders keep the bucket level while being raised from the ground to its fullest height, as pictured in the graphic below. John Deere’s self-leveling linkage design simplifies the loader’s work, allowing anywhere from a 20% to 40% increase in lift capacity (varies based on loader model) when compared to the non-self-leveling model. Non-self-leveling models must be adjusted manually to avoid loss of material, as shown in the bottom graphic below. 

Self Leveling

John Deere Self Leveling Loader

 Standard Loader

Standard Loader

Versatility for Everyone

Not only is the self-leveling loader compatible with most utility and row crop tractors, but you can also make the upgrade on your compact utility tractors as well. Mechanical self-leveling loaders (MSL) became available for compacts in July 2020. This implement can pair with selected 1E, 1R, 2R, and 3E CUTs. Now you can get your heavy lifting, or your simple around-the-house chores done quickly with little effort. 

Build Your Own

If you are interested in purchasing a tractor as well as an MSL, you have come to the right place. Belkorp Ag offers a great program called ‘Build Your Own where you can select equipment you are interested in and then choose implements or add-ons to customize your equipment specifically to your needs. You can also browse our most popular CUT Packages if you are having trouble deciding what to include. 

Belkorp Ag has an excellent staff of experts ready to help answer any additional questions you might have. Feel free to give us a call or visit your nearest location to talk to a professional in person. Click the link below to get started building your own custom tractor package now. 


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