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There are several benefits to buying used equipment, but only if you buy smartly. When you buy used equipment, you don’t have the same level of guarantee as when you buy new equipment. We have created this guide to help make sure the used tractor you buy is worth the investment. Tractors are a big investment and we want to help you get the best deal possible.

Brand Matters

When buying a used tractor, the brand can make the difference. Major brands like John Deere provide parts support for tractors for decades and have vast dealer networks ensuring that any used tractor you buy will be able to get the parts it needs to keep working for years. It’s also important to remember that not all brands are created equally. For example, some machines are built with high-quality parts and in turn, will last a lot longer than a machine built with lesser quality parts. Do research on the brands you are looking at before making a purchase.

Check The Year & Hours

It is important to take into consideration both the year and the hours on the tractor. The older a tractor is, the more difficult it could be to get parts, especially if the tractor isn’t from a well-established brand. The amount of time tractors are used is measured in hours of use rather than miles. The lower the hours of use, the more life is left in the machine. A tractor with higher hours will show more wear than tractors with minimal use, providing both have been used in similar manners.

Don’t Just Kick The Tires

If you’re looking at a used tractor, take a close look. Check the machine for any leaking oil, inspect the tires to make sure tire wear is even, and be sure to check all machine functions. Drive the tractor and see if all the gears are working, the hitch raises and lowers, and any hydraulic connections are working. Any unanticipated repairs can quickly make a good deal on a used tractor more expensive than buying a new one. Make sure to ask the seller about any known issues as well as the maintenance history. Pay attention to whether the machine was regularly serviced and what repairs have been done. The seller might not always have this information, but it is good to ask. Issues that had to be repaired in the past could be indicative of future problems, or if it is a known problem, it might mean they saved you some money by already repairing it.

Shop Used Tractors



Give us a call. We always want to sell new tractors, but if that isn’t what you are looking for, we’d much rather you buy a used John Deere than anything else even if it isn’t from us. We’ll be happy to answer any questions about the machine and its capabilities to make sure you’re investing your money in a solution that solves your problems and not one that creates new problems for you.