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Orchard Implements

Flail Mower

Flail Mowers are a key part of having a well-maintained orchard. Almost equally as important as having well-maintained trees is having well cared for ground under the trees. Flail Mowers are most often used to cut back weeds and help nurture a healthy environment for the cover crops that are planted under the trees. Flail mowers also shred orchard clippings and fruit that has fallen from the trees so they can quickly break down and nourish the ground. These mowers can be equipped with either ‘y’ or ‘t’ shaped blades. These blades are attached to two shafts. The first shaft cuts parallel to the ground and the second shaft smoothes out the cut from the first shaft and mulches the clippings.

Air Blast Sprayer

Air Blast Sprayers are used for spraying the tree canopy. These sprayers can be used for a variety of products. Some of the most common are plant foliar nutrients, pesticides, and plant growth regulators. The name pretty much gives away how the sprayers function. These sprayers disperse the desired product (e.g. pesticides, ect.) by generating a powerful enough airflow that the product is sprayed into little droplets and onto the orchard canopy. John Deere has a partnership with Global Unmanned Spray System (GUSS) designed an autonomous orchard sprayer. These sprayer can be controlled remotely via laptop.

Herbicide Sprayer

While Air Blast Sprayers are great for spraying the orchard canopy, they don’t work for spraying the orchard floor. The best sprayer for tackling the ground work is an Herbicide Sprayer. These sprayers are specialized for ground applications in orchards.


Another key implement for orchard floor maintenance is a tiller/incorporator. These implements till the soil with the clippings and grass that are under the orchard canopy. Using an orchard tiller can help enrich the soil people the organic nutrients are being mixed back in. They also help clean up the orchard after harvest.

V-Blade Leveler

If you are interested in having a level orchard floor, owning a V-Blade Leveler is a must. These levelers are great to use in the springtime to prepare for flood irrigation and to level the floor just before harvest. They are great for leveling out ruts and knocking down high spots caused by sprayers and tractors. Having a level orchard is a must when you do floor irrigation because if the ground is uneven, some areas of the orchard will be over-watered and other areas won’t get enough.

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