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Belkorp Ag now carries John Deere’s complete Compact Construction Equipment (CCE) lineup. We want to make sure when you have an equipment need, you can depend on Belkorp Ag to provide. One of the many exciting things about light construction equipment is that they not only are great for construction work but they also fit in perfectly in agriculture operations and home projects. They are valuable additions to every operation. The compact construction equipment line up includes Skidsteers, Compact Track Loaders, Excavators, and Compact Wheel Loaders.


With eight different models from the 312GR to the 332G, each mode varies in horsepower, weight, and bucket breakout force. The breakout force is a measurement of lifting and digging capacity, the larger the breakout force, the stronger the machine is. Skid Steers are great for a variety of projects such as demolition, digging trenches, moving dirt, landscaping, and working in warehouses. The tires on skid steers allow them to turn (skid) quickly and in tight spaces that other machines might be too large for. These machines are lighter than compact track loaders that are very similar in size and functioning abilities.

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Compact Track Loaders 

Compact Track Loaders are built very similar to skid steers and at a glance, you might even be confused about which is which. The only major difference in the looks of these machines is that skid steers have tires and compact track loaders have tracks. Compact track loaders can do the same types of jobs as skid steers. The tracks also disturb the ground less than tires do, which makes them ideal for working on softer ground such as dirt and sand. These machines also provide you with a smooth ride because the tracks help bridge over uneven terrain which makes them ideal for doing groundwork. Compact track loaders are also great for working in fields, clearing trees, digging trenches, and landscaping.

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Compact Wheel Loaders

Compact wheel loaders are on the large end of John Deere’s compact construction equipment line. They are great for quickly moving materials in small quarters. Large heavy loads are what compact wheel loaders are made for. Their high ground clearance makes them able to work in areas where you need extra clearance and don’t want to worry about high centering. These machines excel in areas that other machines might get stuck or bogged down. Compact wheel loaders are efficient and have a considerably less cost of operation than other machines with similar working capabilities.

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Compact Excavators

Compact excavators are great for any job that requires digging or demolishing. When thinking of demolition, you might think you have to have a large machine to get it done, but you don’t. Compact excavators are perfect for small demolition projects and navigating areas of worksites that need small heavy-duty machines. They were designed with comfort and productivity in mind. If you are thinking about digging a swimming pool, reworking trenches, or doing some landscape work, you would greatly benefit from adding a compact excavator to your equipment inventory.

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