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Looking for a John Deere 3025D compact utility tractor? Look no further! We have added several to our Rental Returns. Sometimes when people hear the term “returns” they think “rejects”, but that isn’t the case with our rental returns at Belkorp Ag. Rental Returns simply means they were part of our rental fleet and we are now making them available for you to buy. Buying one of these tractors means you get a premium tractor, with few hours, that has been maintained and serviced by our trained technicians, all at a price that makes you and your wallet happy. 

At Belkorp Ag we understand buying a tractor isn’t exactly a small ticket item and you want to know all the ins and outs of the machine before you buy it. Because we maintain and service all of our rental returns ourselves, we know exactly what's been done to the machines and can give you a thorough report on them.

3025D Rental Returns

3025D Compact Utility Tractors

Perhaps you like the thought of buying a rental return but you aren’t sure if a 3025D is the right tractor for you. The D models in John Deere’s 3 Series Compact Utility Tractors are the workhorses. They have a standard hauling capacity of 4409 lbs and a heavy duty drivetrain that makes them great for any heavy hauling you need done around your property. With 25 hp, narrow tracks, and heavy hauling capacity, these tractors are great for vineyards, orchards, and any place else that needs a narrow brute to get work done.


3025D Design

These tractors were designed with usability and convenience in mind. Everything about the operator’s station was made with you in mind, from the spacious feet area to the strategically placed controls on the right hand fender of the tractor. All of the commonly used controls are color-coded and placed where you can easily access them without having to divert your attention from the task you are working on. The tractor is equipped with power steering to make driving the tractor easy and relaxing. To make the tractor even easier to operate, it was designed with Twin TouchTM foot controls. There is one pedal for going forward and one for reverse.

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