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You want the best of the best, which is exactly what John Deere’s 2020 5G Vineyard Tractors offer you. John Deere’s 5G Vineyard Tractors have always been amazing but the 2020 models are even better. From seat updates to cab width, they really did cover it all. This model was designed with your comfort and convenience in mind. The tractor is your office and should be designed to be functional, reliable, comfortable, and easy to use. Aside from that, it should be something you are proud to operate and want to show off.

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Did Someone Say Enhancements?

  • Range and Gear Knobs - The range and gears handles are now embossed to make it easier for you to select the speed you want to work at. No more hoping you have the right gear!

  • Foot Throttle - The foot throttle was repositioned to make it easier for you to operate without your foot hitting the steering brake. The last thing you want is to be going for the break and hit the throttle.

  • SCV Levers - When you frequently use the SCV levers in tractors, you understand how important the handle design is. One the 2020 5G tractors, the handles have been redesigned for your hand to comfortably fit around.

  • Seat on Premium Operator Stations - Perhaps one of the most important features of the cab is the seat. It quite literally has your back. With the new enhancements, 1 inch was added to the seat height, 1.5 inches was added to the seat length, and a 0.5 inch was added to the thickness.

  • Cab Width - You can now get a GV cab on the GN models. This means your cab width could be 39.4” instead of 47.2”. This cab option makes it much easier for you to fit into your narrow crop row.

  • Park Lever Location - Gone are the days of the parking lever pushing into your leg. The new lever is located in the same general vicinity but closer to the fender so it isn’t in your way.

  • Front Hitch - Who says hitches are only for the rear of the tractor? When purchasing a 5 GN model tractor you can get a factory installed front hitch that is ran through the SCV #2. If you are needing to use all three SCV ports on the rear of the tractor, you can lock the front hitch which opens us the #2 port for use on the rear.

  • Wiring - Many might not think much about the wiring of the tractor, at least not until it messes up. Which is why John Deere improved the wiring harness routing and updated wiring connectors. You shouldn’t have to worry about if the wiring is going to work correctly.

  • Rear Remote Mechanical Hitch Control - Having a rear remote mechanical hitch control is great but you don’t want it to scrub your crops when you’re driving past. They repositioned the hitch control on the rear of the tractor to be behind the cab of the tractor rather than to the side, to avoid damage being done to both the crop and the hitch control.

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