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The new 8RX John Deere tractors are here and ready to make farming easier for you. John Deere not only included all the features you like about the 8R tractors, they also took inspiration from the 9RX tractors to create the all inclusive 8RX.

What’s to Love About It?



Running tractors all day can be exhausting, but it shouldn’t be uncomfortable. With the Ultimate Comfort and Convenience package, the 8RX gives you John Deere’s most comfortable and spacious cabs. The cab comes equipped with four post suspension that gives you a smooth ride you will come to love. Thanks to the Command Pro™ joystick, you can enjoy how comfortable these tractors are while controlling the tractor with one hand.

4 Track

The 8RXs are the only tractors on the market that are fixed framed factory installed 4 track tractors. These come with track widths ranging from 18”- 30” and have four tread spacing options from 76”- 120”. These tracks provide excellent stability in every condition.

Small Turning Radius

Historically, track tractors have been known for having large turning radii, but that's not the case with the 8RXs. These tractors have a turning radius similar to wheel tractors. In fact, the 8RX’s turning radius is 6” smaller than the 8R. Even with a small turning radius, they cause minimal soil disturbance and crop damage when making headland turns and midfield maneuvers.

JD Link™

Tracking your progress just got easier. The 8RX tractors come with the option to be equipped with JD Link™. This program tracks your tractor and field performance and can even provide the Belkorp Ag team with data so we can help keep your tractor operating and out of the shop.


The 8RX tractor comes in four models. The 8RX 310, 8RX 340, 8RX 370, and the 8RX 410.  Each of the 300 models come with the John Deere PowerTech™ 9.0L engine and the option to have the e23™ PowerShift or the Infinitely Variable Transmission. The 8RX 410 is equipped exclusively with the John Deere PowerTech™ 9.0L engine and the  e23™ PowerShift.

With four model options and unprecedented comfort and features, the 8RX is the ideal row-crop tractor. Contact Belkorp Ag today to get your 8RX tractor!


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