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Then it came time to design the ideal compact tractor that would work for both private landowners and producers alike, John Deere turned to feedback from those landowners and producers. People wanted a tractor that was affordable, but not cheap. That performed well not just on average days, but that had the power to perform well on the toughest days. They wanted a tractor that was simple and easy to use. So John Deere built the 3 Series to meet these demands. Which is why the 3 Series is the perfect compact tractor for you, no matter where you are.

Ease of Use

John Deere knows that one of the biggest barriers to landowners feeling confident in their tractors is the steep learning curve that often accompanies them. Life long farmers may be comfortable connecting PTOs or hooking up hydraulic systems, but first time buyers, homeowners and landowners are less experienced. They also know that even the most experienced operator would rather be working than spending half their afternoon hooking up a front loader. That’s why John Deere developed features like the Quik-Park Loader System and the iMatch Quick-Hitch. Both of these allow implements to be attached in minutes, with no special tools or equipment needed. Most 3 Series models also have a 2 range, hydrostatic transmission. This means driving the tractor is as simple as driving a car. No weird levers and gears to worry about. Just two pedals. One goes forward, the other goes backward.

Power and Performance

The John Deere 3 Series offers three different power options, ranging from 25 to 45 horsepower, so you can get exactly as much tractor as you’ll need. Each engine offers a deep well of torque that can get you through tough spots. John Deere also knows that not everyone has the same needs from a tractor, so for those people who need a little added grunt in towing and hauling chores, the 3D line offers an 8F/8R geared transmission and 2000k hauling capacity. That’s perfect for producers who work in tight, narrow situations like vineyards or chicken coops.


The John Deere 3 Series comes in three different trim levels to make sure that you get the level of affordability you need. The lower sticker price isn’t the only way they save you money, though. The engines make their power at a lower-rated speed, to improve fuel and fluid efficiency. The 3 Series also features extended service intervals, meaning less downtime and less service costs over the life of the tractor. In addition, the on-board diagnostics keep track of these intervals, as well as alert you to any problems and help guide repairs.

Everything about the John Deere 3 Series is built to deliver exactly what producers and landowners want and to perform beyond their expectations. That’s how they stand out from the crowd.