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One of the primary strengths of Manitou forklifts and telehandlers is their versatility. Because they’re designed to go anywhere, all it takes is a simple change of attachments and they can do anything. Let’s take a look at everything you’d be able to do with just one machine.

In-Field Material Handling - The most obvious benefit of an all-terrain forklift is the ability to tackle material handling jobs in the field, without having to fire up a tractor. Not every job requires the biggest tool and sometimes, a small forklift fits where larger machinery just can’t. 

Storage Facility Maintenance - This is where forklifts truly shine. Their compact build and strong vertical lifting power are why forklifts are the material handlers of choice for the tight confines of a storage facility. 

Work Platform - Manitou telehandlers do so much more than just move stuff from place to place. A telehandler can also be fitted with a high rise work platform so you can take care of projects both on and off the ground. 

Loader and Bucket Work - From multipurpose grab buckets, to use specific buckets like silage and sugar beets, the Manitou telehandler can handle it all. The quick attaching system can let you change between bucket styles in a hurry, so you can do it all without having 20 different machines.

Sweeper Work - It may not seem like it, but Manitou telehandlers work remarkably well as sweepers, too. You can choose a 2-in-1 sweeper attachment or a pickup sweeper, depending on your needs. There’s no need to buy a whole separate sweeper when a simple attachment does the job. 

Hay and Feed - Task-specific attachments like round bale clamps and square bale clamps can turn your Manitou telehandler into a hay and forage hero. Stack hay anywhere with confidence and change between bale shapes quickly. Take all the hassle out of storing your hay and feed. 

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