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The folks behind Exact Harvesting Systems have been a part of California’s Central Valley farming community since 1977. They’ve been involved in every aspect of the farming process and know how important it is to go the extra mile in their work. They also know what it takes to succeed in the often unpredictable agriculture industry.

So it should come as no surprise that Exact makes some of the most sought after orchard cabs on the market today. These robust cabs are designed from the floor up to protect both tractor and crops during use in low clearance environments. Knowing that they have to balance low clearance with both comfort and visibility, Exact orchard cabs are engineered to provide the best of everything.

These aren’t just poorly fitted, slide-on cabs. These cabs are all installed in-house by Exact’s own team. This enables them to make sure everything lives up to Exact’s meticulous standards of performance and durability.

One aspect of that durability is Exact’s focus on helping you keep windows in your cabs. They know how damaging the erstwhile branch can be, so the windows of their cabs are over half an inch thick and mounted in an extruded aluminum frame. This allows them to be installed without an exposed rubber seal. This over-engineered approach allows Exact to confidently provide a 5-year warranty on the windows of their cabs. 

In addition to being built to withstand the rigors of orchard farming, the cabs are also built to keep operators comfortable. In addition to being pressurized and climate controls, the cabs also have optional charcoal filters to help keep pollen and dust out. The rear window has also been designed to open so you can access your implements easier.

When you’re looking for an orchard cab, then look no further than Exact orchard cabs. They’re the most popular low profile orchard cabs on the market for a good reason and we’re proud to carry them here at Belkorp Ag.